Software Downloads and Purchases


Faculty/Staff Free Download Options:

  • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

  • Microsoft Office – includes Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher

  • SPSS

  • AMOS

Please note that the free software licenses listed above are only available for university faculty and staff. Requests can only be made with a valid @USM.EDU email address. For purchase of software not listed above, please contact

Free Downloads
You must be connected to the university network to view free software download options. 

Discount Software Purchases

The university offers students, faculty and staff unbeatable academic discounts available for personal software purchases through the Campus eStore and Academic Superstore.

  • Campus eStore – is your source for thousands of software titles, hardware and accessory items.

  • Academic Superstore – offers unbeatable academic discounts available to students, educators, and institutions. In order to provide professional software at such low prices, Academic Superstore customers must verify academic eligibility.


Software Purchase Exemption

The Exemption procedure allows departments to request exemption from iTech/ITS to handle specific information technology procurement projects that, by law, require solicitation of bids or proposals, without the involvement of iTech/ITS. The exemption procedure is designed for projects involving traditional information technology software, or services which the institution has the in house resources and expertise to procure without iTech/ITS involvement. The exemption should be approved by iTech/ITS before an advertisement is issued for the procurement. 

iTech/ITS staff reviews the information submitted on the Software Purchase Exemption Form concerning the acquisition, including the procurement approach that will be used and the estimated total life-cycle cost. The exemption request will be approved by the Procurement Specialist, or may be presented to the CIO for approval depending on the cost.

After review, the following action may be taken:

a. Approve the form, forward the form to the Buyer and cc: the customer with approval to proceed to allow the department to process

b. Deny the form, forward the form to the Buyer and cc: the customer asking them to change the requisition to process through iTech.

The agency/institution must submit a request for approval of the additional dollar amount if the procurement results in a cost greater than the estimated total used in the original exemption.

An exemption cannot be used in conjunction with a sole source acquisition. Sole source acquisitions should be submitted to iTech either via email to or via a Help Desk work order.

The requirement of soliciting bids or proposals for services that can be competitively provided is NOT waived by an iTech/ITS exemption. All applicable statutes for competitive procurements must still be followed by the department.