Technology Purchases

Service Description

The IT Procurement group in the iTech Department of The University of Southern Mississippi is the technology purchasing liaison for the university. Greater efficiency, both in terms of economy to the university and service to the departments, is achieved through specialization of purchasing. The purpose of the IT Procurement group, therefore, is to assist university constituents with procuring quality technology as economically and conveniently as possible.

In the interest of serving the university, the IT Procurement group in iTech conducts its business and discharging its responsibilities as established in the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services Procurement Handbook (206-Page PDF).

State agencies and institutions of higher learning (IHLs) are required by law to follow ITS procedures in information technology procurements. For many acquisitions, agencies and IHLs must obtain ITS approval prior to initiating a purchase. For other acquisitions, ITS has delegated responsibility for technology purchases to the agencies and institutions according to specific guidelines.


Services Offered

If you are faculty or staff and need to acquire a computer for use in a department, you may purchase a base model through SOAR. You may also consider requesting a computer by logging into SOAR and submitting a request through the Computer Exchange Program.


Faculty and Staff:




All active university employees and currently enrolled students are eligible.


To request service

Standard Model: Log into SOAR. SOAR menu path: USM Utilities > USM Purchase > Purchase > User Department Purchase (Only budget authorities can view the menu path and place orders.)

Instructions on how to order the Standard Model in SOAR (3-page PDF)

For recommended exceptions and accessories, contact the Procurement Specialist.

For custom configurations, contact the Procurement Specialist.

*If you are an employee of the Gulf Coast Research Lab, please use the purchasing office at the Research Lab to place your order.*



Standard model computers can be purchased online through SOAR 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance periods.

Purchases of computers and equipment using personal funds will not be reimbursed; Refer to Procurement Services Purchasing Policies and Procedures for details.


For problems or issues, contact

Technology Standards


Related charges

Cost is dependent upon model type and may vary subject to availability.


Service Owner

Paige Strickland