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Telephone 7945/7965 Feature Sheet

Cisco IP 7945G/7965

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G Key

Place A Call
Use any of these methods:

  • Lift HandSet and Dial Number
  • Press NewCall and Dial Number
  • Press Speak Dial Button
  • Press Speaker Button and Dial Number
  • Press Headset and Dial Number
  • Press Line button and Dial Number

Answer a Call
Four ways to answer a call:

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press Speaker
  3. Press Headset
  4. Press Answer Soft Key

End a Call

  • Press EndCall
  • Hang up

Call Forward All Calls
Redirect all calls to another number:

  • Press CFwdALL
  • Dial Forwarding Number or Messages Button to Forward Calls to Voice Mail

Press CFwdALL to deactivate call Forwarding

Conference Call
Create a Conference Call

  1. During a call, press more then select conference
  2. Dial Telephone Number of the person you want to add
  3. Press Confrn to Add Party to conference
  4. Repeat process to add additional party (up to six) to conference

Conference List
View Conference Participants

  • During a Conference, Press More
  • Press ConfList

To remove participants, arrow up or down to select participants and press remove

Direct Transfer
Merge Two Calls on the Same Line to Each Other

  1. Scroll to Highlight the call that you wish to join
  2. Press More to activate call
  3. Press DirTrFr

The Two Calls Connect to Each Other and Drop You From the Call.

Call Hold
Place a Call on Hold

  • Press Hold

Press the Resume soft key to return to held call.

If multiple calls are on hold, be sure to select the desired line button of the held call before pressing resume.

Quickly access information such as call logs and phone settings

To view and dial from a call log:

  • Choose Directories
  • Choose Missed Calls, Placed Calls, or Received Calls
  • Press Select
  • Press Exit twice to return to display

Transfer a call to another university extension

During a call:

  1. Press Trasfer
  2. Dial target number
  3. Press Transfer

Invite current callers to join a standard conference

  • Scroll to each active call on the line and press Select
  • From one of the selected calls, press More
  • Press Join

Press More and ConfList to see a list of conference participants

Participants are listed in the order in which they join the conference with the most recent additions at the top.

Call Park
Store a call at any VoIP phone and retrieve it at another VoIP phone

To Park a Call:

  1. Press More
  2. Press Park
  3. The screen displays a 5-digit number where the call is parked

To retrieve Parked call:

  1. Dial 5-digit Call Park number from any VoIP Phone.
  2. Press Dial

Redials last number

  • Press Redial

Return to held call

  • Press Resume

SOAR Online Directory
Search for Southern Miss faculty and staff published telphone numbers in SOAR Online Directory

  1. Press Directories button
  2. Select, Corporate Directory
  3. Enter all or part of last name
  4. Enter all or part of first name
  5. Press Search
  6. Scroll to desired entry
  7. Press Dial to call using speaker phone or
  8. Lift Handset to call using handset

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