Telephone Services

Service Description

Telephone Services provides support for: telephone services, conference calling, video conference calling, long distance codes (departmental), voicemail, 1-800 numbers, off campus telephone services, phone book advertising (yellow/white pages) and university operator. 

Some important items to note:

  • Telephones are purchased by and continue to remain the property of iTech. 
  • Telephones must be moved by an iTech technician. 
  • Each phone requires location specific 911 information that can only be updated by an authorized technician.
  • Telephones are not inter-changeable between locations.



All active university employees and currently enrolled students living in university residence halls are eligible.


To request service

For local telephone service requests, have your department contact IT Billing.

To request to be set up as a contact in PinnWeb and/or for instructions on use, contact IT Billing.

To find out who your department contact(s) is, contact IT Billing.

For long distance code requests, complete the appropriate form: Departmental Long Distance Code Request

For conference call set up and phone rental, complete the appropriate form(s): Rent Conference Phone and/or Conference Call Request.



Telephones on all campuses are operational 24/7.

Services may be affected by physical location.


For problems or issues, contact

IT Billing


For further information

Student Telephone Services

Faculty and Staff Telephone Services


Related charges

Cost is dependent upon the phone model selected and the service type needed and may vary.

Long Distance Services Online Payments


Service Owner

Richard Campbell