Leadership Studies Program

group of students and community leaders at breakfast
The Leadership Studies Program, a one-week residential program, is designed for students in grades
6 through 11, who have a desire to develop and enhance their leadership abilities. Students will be housed
in dormitories on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Tuition
includes room, board, recreational activities and limited accident insurance.


Class Descriptions

Leadership I

is a program with specific emphasis on
leadership skills. Training will include those areas necessary
for leadership development: fundamentals of leadership,
written and oral communication, group dynamics, problem
solving, planning, personal skills and decision making.
Avenues for becoming leaders in the schools, communities
and religious affiliations will be utilized to heighten the
awareness and development of leadership potential.

Leadership II

is a continuation of the program, with
Leadership I as a prerequisite for entry. It is an intense
study to further develop leadership concepts and qualities.
Emphasis is placed on the psychology of leadership,
assertiveness training and situational leadership.

Leadership III

is an extension of the program, with
Leadership II as a prerequisite for entry. Training will
focus on the legal aspects of leadership, responsibilities of
various positions of leadership, developing personal power,
and leadership for the future. The students also have the
opportunity for informal interaction with adult leaders.
Financial aid is available based on need, on a limited basis.

Leadership IV

is a Leadership in Action Program. Students
participate in service learning and aid teachers, counselors
and students in Leadership I. These Students will research
contemporary leaders’ skills and concepts as they continue
their Leadership Training.



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"I feel more confident and have more courage to be a leader."

"I learned a lot about myself and leadership skills."

"I made new friends and learned many new skills that will help me throughout life."