The Center publishes a bi-annual newsletter that features articles of interest to Parents and Teachers of Gifted Children and Youth.

Spring 2014 Competitions by Dr. Tracy Riley

Fall 2013 College Preparation Tips for Parents by Dr. Will Deyamport, III 

Spring 2013  Why a Federal Mandate for Identification and Services for Gifted Children is Needed by Dr. Elizabeth Shuanessy.  

Fall 2012 Leadership Development: Building Global Awareness and a Global Perspective with Gifted Students by Dorothy Sisk, Ph.D.

Spring 2012 Continuous Progress Curriculum by Tracy Williams

Fall 2011 Avoiding the Technology Paradox by  Kevin Besnoy,Ph.D.

Spring 2011 The States Lead: Will Washington Follow? by Jay McIntire

Fall 2010  Turning "Visions" into Reality: Two Ways Teachers Can Help Students Become Successful Product Developers by Kristen Stephens, Ph.D.

Spring 2010   Developing Leadership Potential in the Home and School by Suzanne Bean, Ph.D.

Fall 2009  Twice Exceptional Students: Fostering Their Untapped Talent by Kevin Besnoy, Ph.D.

Spring 2009  Independent Study for Gifted Learners by Susan K. Johnsen, Ph.D

Fall 2008  Understanding Emotional Intellligence and the Gifted by Kate Brown, M.Ed.       

Spring 2008 Advocacy for Gifted Youth Begins with You by Joan Lewis, Ph.D.

Fall 2007  Supporting Talent in the Visual Arts by Jesse Cukierkorn, Ph.D.

Spring 2007 Gifted Students and Technology: How Do They Fit Together by Kevin Besnoy, Ph.D

Fall 2006  Ensuring the Success of Gifted Students in the Traditional Classroom by Susan Winebrenner

Spring 2006  Gifted/ At-Risk Youth by Kevin Besnoy and Jesse Cukierkorn

Fall 2005  A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students by Nicholas Colangelo, Susan Assouline, and Miraca U.M. Gross

Spring 2005 Understanding Young Gifted Children by Sandee Manning

Fall 2004  Twice-Exceptional Children by Kevin Besnoy

Spring 2004  So Your Child is Gifted! by Silvia Rimm, Ph.D.

Fall 2003 The Need to Continue Research and Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Girls and Women by Sally M. Reis

Spring 2003  Leadership Education: A Key to the Future

Fall 2002  What Research Says About Acceleration

Spring 2002  Herrintons Establish $500,000 Fund for Karnes Chair by Donna McGuyer

Fall 2001  Spring Day of Sharing

Spring 2001  In the Good Ol' Summertime