Summer Gifted Studies Program

 Summer Gifted Studies Program

June 23-28, 2019

Program Cost: $705.00 

We will email you upon acceptance into the program

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Payment Deadline, pending acceptance: April 30, 2019



Program Description:

Exciting Explorations, Delightful Discoveries, and Wild Wonders await your child this summer at The Karnes Center for Gifted Studies.  Our summer programs provide unique learning opportunities that challenge students to build on their curiosity about the world in which they live.  Each course is infused with accelerated academic content that will stretch the imagination and fascinate the interests of students of all ages.  Don’t miss out on the chance to experience new activities, make new friends, and have fun!

The Summer Gifted Studies Program, a one-week residential program, is designed for intellectually gifted students currently in grades 4-8 with intelligence  quotients of 121 or above on an individually administered IQ test. (In other words, students must have completed 4th grade to enroll.) 

Alternately, students may provide scores at the 91st percentile or above on a nationally-normed  achievement test.  The program enhances the cognitive abilities of gifted students through planned enrichment and acceleration activities.  Content areas are combined with processing skills to enable students to explore a wide variety of topics. 

Students will be housed in dormitories on the Hattiesburg campus of The University of Southern Mississippi.  Instructional activities will be conducted in  classrooms and laboratories on the campus. Recreational activities and cultural events will be included, based upon availability.  Tuition includes room, board, recreational activities, and limited accident insurance. 

Grade levels reflect student's enrollment during the 2018/19 school year 




Program Costs:

1. A NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $30.00 must be paid at the time of application. 

2, The cost of the program is $675.00 and includes room and board, meals, and limited accident insurance. Total cost of program is $705.00.


Scholarship Opportunities

A limited number of scholarships is available for this program. Scholarships will be awarded based on demonstrated financial need, student achievement and promise, and the availability of funds.  We will award scholarships until available funds are depleted, therefore early application is advisable.  We cannot guarantee that all eligible applicants will receive aid.  Please be courteous to your school administration and recommenders by allowing adequate time for mail delivery. NO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED AFTER THE APPLICATION DEADLINE.

Students interested in receiving scholarships for this program must provide the following:

  • evidence of financial need
  • evidence of good standing in their school or learning community,
  • names and email addresses of TWO individuals (teachers, community leaders, or other non-family members) who are aware of the student’s abilities.  The Center will contact these individuals directly to discuss their recommendations for your child.
  • one of the following

a.  One essay: 500 words maximum on the topic, “If I were to create an acrostic poem for the word GIFTED, what would it be and why would I choose each line?” HINT: write the acrostic poem at the top of your page, then use your essay to explain why the words in the poem are so meaningful to you.

b.  A portfolio showcasing creative ability in arts, drama, dance, or music. Each entry must be accompanied by an explanation, written by the student, relating how the entry evidences his or her ability or need for extra opportunities.

Student portfolios should contain a minimum of three but not more than 10 items. Images should be inserted into a Word document (or similar software) with the student’s explanation next to or just below the image.  Save the entire collection of images as a .pdf file before uploading it to the scholarship application.



Past courses have included the following:

Course Descriptions for 2018

Grades 4-6

Wonders of the World- Old and New

Visit the Colossus of Rhodes and the hanging gardens of Babylon in your discovery of the ancient wonders of the world.  Then join us as we learn about the 7 new wonders of the world.  Research the historical features while examining the architectural components of each location.  Compare the natural and man-made structures then critique both lists and discuss why these locations are worthy of being mentioned.  Can you be the architect of the eighth wonder?

Food Culture and Commodities

Bite into the delicious world of food.  Travel through its history and probe the psychological connection humans have to food.  What foods are associated with specific areas of the world?  Is Belgian chocolate the best- if so, why?  See how food has become a billion-dollar industry.  Do you want to know what a pop up restaurant is or how to start one?   Is a food truck the best option?  Design your own idea for marketing food or develop your own food line.

Science of Drones

Discover how drones actually work.  Learn the physics of drone flying.  Students will develop ideas for  the integration of drones into our daily lives.  How can we use them and where?  Traverse aspects of vertical motion and how gravity affects drones.  Thrust and speed play an important role in flight.  What is angular momentum and linear momentum?  Why is symmetry vital? Come find out!

Grades 5-7

 Indiana Jones Explorations

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the world with your favorite archeologist, this course is for you! Join us in examining components of movies about Indiana Jones.  Learn the history behind the movies.  Is it depicted accurately?  We’ll explore historical topics and locations in the films.  This course will discuss Indie’s archeological findings and their importance.  Students will develop storylines for future films. 

Grades 6-8

App Creations

Would you like to design your app?  Or how would you improve an existing one? What innovative ideas do you have that might solve a problem in people’s lives?  Examine the world of app creation.  Learn how to think like an app designer.  Find out what goes into testing an app before it’s released. 

It’s a Disaster!

Explore some of the worst disasters in history.  What areas of the planet are more susceptible to certain types of disasters?  We’ll learn about types of natural disasters and their triggers.  Examine the worst man-made disasters of all time and develop theories to prevent them in the future.   We’ll replicate an architectural disaster and test our theories to see if they are successful.

The Heart of the Matter

Come and learn the amazing affairs of the heart.  In literature, the heart is considered to play a central role in romance and love, but does it really?  Explore the circulatory system’s role and understand its relationship with your heart.   We’ll research artificial heart designs and how technology plays a vital part of our survival.  Where do donor hearts come from? Learn the fascinating world of heart transplants.