Lake Thoreau Upcoming Events

2018 Herpetology Night Hike

The 2018 Night Herpetology Hike is June 15th, 7 p.m.-10 p.m.!  This event is sponsored by our friends at Southern Prohibition Brewery.  Come and enjoy a cold SoPro beer as you watch our students and staff wrangle reptiles and amphibians out of the lake.  You can be our Marlin Perkins and we will be your Jim Fowler!  You will get to meet (at least) the following animals: barking tree frog, green tree frog, Cope’s gray tree frog, squirrel tree frog, amphiuma, newt, gulf coast toad, southern toad, speckled kingsnake, gray rat snake, corn snake, midland water snake, ribbon snake, box turtle, mud turtle, musk turtle, red eared slider, common snapping turtle, fence lizard, and glass lizard.  For those that are too terrified to walk with us around the lake, you can stay inside and watch ‘Lake Placid’ on the big screen.  Admission is $10 or free for Friends of Lake Thoreau members. Must be 21 or older to attend.