College of Health Student Organizations

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Athletic Training Club

We, the members of the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Training Club, here by associate ourselves to expanding the overall scope of our educational experience by means of promoting educational activities, that we might establish closer contact with those who are involved in our future profession.

President: Heather Ladner | Email:

BSW (Social Work) Club

BSW Club (Undergraduate Social Work Club) is an active organization that encourages a network of friendship and support for social work students. The members participate in activities that promote awareness of and interest in social work practice and community service. Also, it serves as a ―collective voice‖ through which organizational concerns are communicated to the faculty. Officers are elected annually by the membership.

President: Samantha Hotard| Email:

College of Health Ambassadors

The College of Health Ambassadors are students who are hard-working individuals that strive to show the campus that The College of Health works hard and diligently for every student. We, as Ambassadors, show upcoming students how our numerous programs work and how we can make a difference in the health world with our determination, integrity, and passion.

President: Rebecca Ehret | Email:

Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) is a national professional honorary organization for students in Health Sciences whose primary purpose is to advance professional competencies in all areas of health. The national organization emphasizes the evaluation of standards, ideas, competence and ethics of professionally trained men and women in the Health Sciences. The ESG Alpha Iota Chapter was established at The University of Southern Mississippi in 1977 to recognize academic excellence in health sciences, health education, health promotion, and public health. In the tradition of Greek usage, the letters Eta, Sigma and Gamma were chosen to represent the Greek equivalent of the letters H,S and C, the abbreviation for the term “Health Sciences.”

President:  | Email: 

Exercise Science Club

We are the Exercise Science club. We focus on raising money for our participating active members, who must be pursuing a degree in Exercise science, to attend the SEACSM conference yearly. We plan to focus on other attributes to increase the number of general members and to increase our involvement on our campus.

President: Amber Bergeron | Email:

Health Administration Student Association 

This student-driven association provides its members with professional networking opportunities, career planning, and workshops & presentations by healthcare administrators from local, state and national level health care organizations.
Any Southern Miss undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in health administration is encouraged to join; however, we strongly encourage students in the following programs to become a HASA member: (1) Undergraduate and Traditional MPH students in the Health Policy and Administration emphasis area;
(2) Executive MPH students; (3) Any Public Health undergraduate and/or graduate students who are interested in health administration; and (4) Any University of Southern Mississippi students in the areas of business, marketing or other related fields.

President: Deana Brosh | Email:

National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association

The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is a group for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in the speech and hearing science program at the University of Southern Mississippi. We have bi-weekly meetings, encouraging students to be more involved in the field of speech and hearing sciences. At the University of Southern Mississippi, the National Student Speech Language Association is very active in helping the programs on our campus that are available for children with speech and hearing needs. We all share a common interest in learning more about our field as well as promote the speech and hearing science program at the University of Southern Mississippi.

President: Mary Cazalas | Email:

Sport Management Club

The purpose of the Southern Miss Sport Management Club is to provide educational, social, and practical experiences for sport management majors and minors. It exists for undergraduate and graduate students in the sport management field as a means to network with other professionals.

President: Leah Williams | Email:

Student Academy of Audiology | Not yet registered for 2017-2018

SAA is an organization for Doctor of Audiology students in the Speech and Hearing Sciences department at the University of Southern Mississippi.

President:   | Email: 

Student Nutrition Society

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Student Nutrition Society (SNS), associate ourselves to provide a framework for meaningful student involvement and to stimulate interest in the profession of dietetics. Our objective, as a student organization, is to promote an awareness of dietetics, health care, food and nutrition related issues, and to prepare members for their post graduate endeavors. Our association serves as a knowledge base offering guidance and support for students’ concerns and questions.

President: Meredith Bechac | Email: