Games and Athletic Student Organizations

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Chaotic Movement 

Chaotic Movement is a dance organization for both females and males. We dance at events on and off campus, not only do we dance but we also participate in community service and do fundraisers year round.

President: Shanika Brown |

Dixie Darlings

The Dixie Darlings is a dance team that performs at football games, pep rallies, and community service events with the Pride of Mississippi.

President: Regan Haarala | Email:

Edge Dance Collective

Edge is an organization that specializes in a variety of different dance styles.

President: JerMarkus Wilder |

High Def

High Def is a Dance Crew on campus that enriches the USM community with Hip hop choreography. We give back to community with our public services and our unique three to five minute performances

President: Jordan Whitfield |

Men's Lacrosse

As a student organization, we seek to become involved within the Hattiesburg community, specifically reaching out to youth schools and programs, acting as model student athletes at the collegiate level.

President: Jacob Schekman| Email:

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

The USM Men's Black Gold Ultimate team competes in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We are a group of guys that aims to have a good time while playing the sport we love. Our goal is to teach players the skills they need in order to compete at the collegiate level while also creating a fun, comfortable athletic experience. We travel to many tournaments all over the region. We welcome any newcomers, regardless of skill level or experience. For more information, contact David Walker at

President: Tyler Phillips | Email:

Rhythm Rush Dance Team 

Rhythm Rush was created to fulfill the desires of young women who are motivated to practice with dedication, perform with vigor, and develop movement and choreography skills. With styles varying from jazz, hip hop, and contemporary-majorette fusion, Rhythm Rush is not only an organization, but a dance sensation for the eyes and ears of the student body at the University of Southern Mississippi.

President:Justice Spencer  | Email:

Rugby Football Club

The USM Rugby Football Club takes part in the National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO) throughout the school year. The team is open to all male students who are willing and able to learn the game. 

President: Warren Reilly | Email:

Social Dance Club

The Southern Miss Social Dance Club seeks to provide a fun and comfortable environment for students to not only learn ballroom dance but also to put it to use by dancing it socially. It's a healthy mix of instruction and open dancing. Come join us to find out what it's all about and make some new friends along the way! 

President: Abby Covington | Email:

Student Eagle Club

The Student Eagle Club works to involve USM students in an excitement-oriented organization that is committed to supporting and promoting all Southern Miss athletic programs. We are the largest student-based organization at Southern Miss.

President: Michelle Harvey | Email:

Student Athlete Advisory Committee | Not yet registered for 2017-2018

To unite the voice of the student-athlete population, and to serve in an advisory role to the Athletics Department regarding issues relevant to student athlete’s welfare, access and equity.

President:  | Email: 

Quidditch Team

Beginning in 2005, quidditch is a co-ed, full contact sport played by over 300 teams around the world. As a combination of dodge ball, flag football, rugby, basketball and soccer, quidditch has a position for a variety of people. We travel and meet people from all over the country.

President: Sudiksha Kumar | Email:

Women’s Lacrosse 

Lacrosse is a team sport that involves 12 players playing at once on the field. Much like soccer, field hockey, and basketball, it takes endurance and coordination to play. No lacrosse experience is required. The only requirement is that you must have played a sport in high school. Our lacrosse program is a completely student organization. From fundraising to volunteering we are fully involved. The program has developed over the past few years and every year we improve in increasing the number of committed new players. We have kept our traveling roster at 13, but we hope to increase it to at least 20 this semester.

President: Trevor Canipe |