Graduate Student Organizations

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Biological Sciences Graduate Student Forum | Not registered for 2016-2017

We are an organization of graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences. The purpose of our organization is to 1) facilitate social and professional fellowship among our members 2) to support a forum for the exchange of ideas among graduate students and between graduate students and faculty and 3) To enhance our professional standing.

President:  | Email

Center for Writers (C4W)

The Center for Writers (C4W) is the graduate student organization for creative writers in the English Department's Center for Writers.

President: Todd Gray | Email:

ChemBioChem Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of our organization is to promote the professional development of the graduate student body of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, to act as an advocate for their concerns and ideas in departmental affairs, and to promote camaraderie, leadership and service enrichment for graduate students as well as undergraduate members of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the College of Science and Technology, and the University.

President: Harikiran Kotapati| Email:

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization (CPGSO) associate themselves to providing personal and professional support; increasing access to mental health services inthecommunity;andpromotingpersonal and professional development for all graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program.

President: Laura Hansen | Email:

Communication Studies Graduate Association

The Communication Studies Graduate Association seeks to promote the practice, development, and study of communication through the following practices: • Involvement, research, and recruitment, • Advocacy, engagement, and mentorship, • Professionalism, collegiality, and academic growth This mission is accomplished with the coordination of USM stakeholders from the campus and the greater community at large through commitment and respect to theabove mentionedobjectives.

President: Sean Fourney | Email:

Counseling Psychology Student Government

The Counseling Psychology Student Government consists of counseling psychology graduate students committed to the advancement of the professional development of our members, the quality of mental health services provided for clients of the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic, and the overall quality and success of the Counseling Psychology graduate program.

President: Erica Mathis | Email:

English Graduate Organization

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) provides unique opportunities for students to organize and participate in professional development workshops and activities, to network and socialize with their peers and the faculty, and to become involved in special interest committees created by graduate students to advance the interests of the English graduate community. EGO's membership is made up entirely of English graduate students and its interests are those specific to its members; EGO is the only student group that provides travel funds for professional development

President: Emily Martin | Email:

Graduate Diversity Council

• To build and sustain a supportive community for minority graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds that contributes to their academic development, social growth, and well-being.To increase the political awareness and involvement of graduate Minority students on The University of Southern Mississippi’s campus and beyond and aid retention. To sponsor cultural, educational, and social programs and activities that appeal to Graduate Minority Students. To provide a space in which all persons can network and acquire opportunities for professional development.

President: Caitlyn Chambers | Email: e

Graduate Student Alliance - School of Mass Comm & Journalism 

GSA is an organization that allows graduate students in the Mass Communication & Journalism School an opportunity to connect with one another on both a professional and societal level. The organization hosts social and professional development workshops ranging from research and conference presentations to resume/CV workshops to stress management and more. The group consists of both masters and doctoral level students. On campus meetings are held once a month as are socials.

President: Tamar Gregorian | Email:

Graduate Student Senate 

The Graduate Student Senate represent the voice of the graduate student body at the University of Southern Mississippi. One graduate student from each department with a graduate program is elected to serve as a representative. We work directly with the graduate school to address any concerns that graduate students have. We are also responsible for organizing and hosting the Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Research Symposium.

President: Alisha Sink | Email:

Higher Education Student Affairs Association (HESAA) 

We, the members of the University of Southern Mississippi Higher Education Student Affairs Association hereby associate ourselves to provide a medium for professional growth, networking and promotion of identity with state and national organizations for professional practice such as the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), and the National Association for Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).

President: Stephanie Schroeder  | Email:

Marine & Estuarine Graduate Student Association

MEGSA(The Marine and Estuarine Graduate Student Association) is the graduate student organization of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, The University of Southern Mississippi. Membership in this organization is open to any full or part-time Graduate Student regularly enrolled in The University of Southern Mississippi in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Marine Science, or Coastal Sciences and in residence at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory or the Marine Education Center. The objectives ofMEGSAare to provide a forum for professional and social fellowship, exchange of ideas in marine science research, and participation in community service projects and related volunteer work.

President: Nour Salam | Email:

Marriage and Family Therapy Student Organization

Academic, Social, Philanthropic, and Research-oriented graduate student organization for students in the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program here at USM

President: Mary Dodson| Email:  

School of Computing Graduate Student Association (SCGSA)

The School of Computing Graduate Student Association comprises of all Graduate students in the school of computing both in the Hattiesburg and Gulfport campuses. The association has over nine (9)PhDstudents andthirty nine(39) Masters students on both campuses. The reason we started this association is to ensure that there is an avenue for the students to learn about each other's research thereby enabling collaboration among the students, create social relationship among the graduate students, allow the students to develop proper presentation skills and provide an avenue to improve career prospects and introduction to life after school in general.

President: Andrew Maxwell | Email:

Student Association of Social Workers

Our organization is lead by and consists of graduate students in the school of social work. We have five main goals we aim towards each year: 1) to provide services to the University, School of Social Work, and local community, 2) to promote the personal as well as the academic growth of the students and faculty administration, 3) to protect the rights of the individual student, 4) to foster skillsnecessaryintheprofessional practice of Social Work, and 5) to provide an opportunity for enhancement of skills in the areas of communication and relationship building.

President: Olivia Ismail | Email: