2013 Award Winners

Innovation in Teaching Award

The Innovation in Teaching Award is designed to encourage faculty to implement new ideas in the classroom.  In a community of learning, we all learn from each other—from teaching mentors and from fellow faculty who reflect on and continually seek teaching strategies that promote deeper and more engaged learning.  


Dr. Jamye Foster, Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing and Fashion Merchandising, The University of Southern Mississippi

Bio: Jamye Foster earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from Louisiana State University after obtaining an MBA from Southern Miss and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Mississippi State.  Dr. Foster taught at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand for three years and has been teaching Creative Marketing since she joined the faculty at USM in 2009.  Her teaching and research interests include consumer behavior, branding, creative marketing, and retailing.  She serves as a faculty advisor for the Southern Miss American Marketing Association chapter and manages several social media outlets for the marketing department.  Her involvement with local businesses and community organizations endows the students with authentic learning experiences.   

Excerpt from proposal: Dr. Jamye Foster has a unique challenge when teaching Creative Marketing.  The course seeks to help students be successful in the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable marketing environment by developing both critical and creative thinking skills.  Dr. Foster incorporates various strategies to encourage learning that is active and meaningful.  The course lessons, activities, projects, and environment are designed to establish genuine interaction with content, colleagues, and clients and to apply innovative problem solving processes.   Modeling the course learning objectives, Dr. Foster’s teaching style mirrors creative marketing imperatives: combining creativity with analysis; focusing on relationships rather than just content; engaging the cognitive, physical, and affective domains; and taking big risks for potentially significant results.



Exemplary Online Course Award

This award recognizes faculty who use online learning technology effectively by exhibiting the best practices for designing engaging online coursework. 

Dr. Stacy Creel, Assistant Professor
School of Library and Information Science, The University of Southern Mississippi

Bio: Dr. Stacy Creel has been teaching online courses for the last seven years. Prior to joining Southern Miss’ School of Library and Information Science in 2010, she taught at St. John’s University in New York. Stacy teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate classes that focus on public, school, and special libraries as well as services to youth. She strives to incorporate technology in meaningful ways in her courses and uses it to connect students to one another and their physical communities. She is the creator and advisor of the new Graduate Certificate in Youth Services and Literature. Dr. Creel lives in Petal with her husband and two children.

Excerpt from proposal: This is a fully-online required course and is often one of the first courses students take. In order to create a sense of community (virtually and in their physical community) the following methods are included: live online classes in Collaborate using video; online discussion posts with required response; small group breakout practice sessions where students put the course content into practice and provide feedback; assignments that require them to interact with professionals in their community; and video introductions. The course work is heavy but as an introductory course I use progressive grading looking at the process, product, and progress in addition to rubrics. The first 3 assignments can be revisited for more (not complete credit) as students are trying to gain their footing. I attempt to incorporate important and timely media, discussion in lecture, and time for questions