Award Nomination Information

Exemplary Online Course Award

This award recognizes faculty who use online learning technology effectively by exhibiting the best practices for designing engaging online coursework. 

Courses submitted for this award will be evaluated using the Learning Enhancement Center’s Online Course Development Rubric

Using this rubric, the evaluation committee will evaluate how well the course conforms to the best practices for Course Design, Interaction & Collaboration, Assessment and Learner Support. 

Only USM courses my be considered for this award.

Submission of a course automatically gives permission for the evaluation committee to view and evaluate the course.

Individuals may nominate their own course or a course of another faculty.  If nominating a course where you are not the instructor of record, please verify that the instructor has given permission for the committee to enter their course.  If nominating a course at an institution other than Southern Miss, a committee representative will contact the nominee to gain login information for the course.

The recipient of this award will receive a plaque and a $250 award.

Please submit award nominations through the nomination form by December 13, 2013.


Only Southern Miss faculty are eligible for award nomination(s).


Innovation in Teaching Award

The Innovation in Teaching Award is designed to encourage faculty to implement new ideas in the classroom.  In a community of learning, we all learn from each other—from teaching mentors and from fellow faculty who reflect on and continually seek teaching strategies that promote deeper and more engaged learning.  

Award recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative.  This is defined as introducing something new and creative in the classroom that promotes learning.  The proposal should demonstrate true innovation in the discipline. 
  • Relatively comprehensive in scope.  The innovation must have involved changes in the way a subject is taught. 
  • Exceptional teaching skills, which are evidenced in the testimony and lives of both current and former students.

The proposal should be divided into the following sections:

  • Describing intent and reasons for implementing the innovative teaching strategy; specific learning objectives/desired outcomes that the innovation addresses; evidence of student learning; and how the evidence suggests that the strategy is effective.
  • How the innovation differs from current teaching ideas and methods in the field.
  • Your opinion of the success of the project and how it can be improved.
  • Other documents and materials having a direct bearing on the nominees teaching achievements, including but not limited to, (a) testimonials and/or letters of recommendation from past or current students, or colleagues, (b) sample instructional or assessment materials, (c) description or examples of what happens in the course or specific activity, (d) evaluative data, such as peer and/or student evaluations. 
  • The proposal (not including supporting documents) should be no more than 5 pages, double-spaced.  Please be brief and use bullets, boldface, headings and other tools to aid the reader in understanding the project. Remember, you are writing for a committee outside your academic discipline. Clarity and brevity are suggested and appreciated.  Please include the following on a separate cover sheet:  (a) your name and brief bio, (b) institution and position, (c) e-mail address, (d) a phone number where you can easily be reached, and (e) 150-200 word abstract.

Individuals may nominate themselves or others. If you nominate someone other than yourself, please include the information listed on the aforementioned cover sheet of both the nominee and the nominator.

Only USM faculty may apply.

The recipient of this award will receive a plaque and $250. 

Please submit award nominations to by December 13, 2013.