Presentation Descriptions

Nook Study + Your LMS

Kevin Entrekin, Assistant Manager, Barnes & Noble 
The University of Southern Mississippi

NOOK Study™ by Barnes & Noble is a free, integrated eTextbook reader and study platform for PCs and Macs that easily integrates into many of the most popular LMS systems, including Blackboard Learn. Designed with input from students and faculty, NOOK Study features a powerful set of study and organization tools that greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience, while also saving students up to 60 percent off the cost of new print textbooks. Best of all, integration is simple and Barnes & Noble provides easy-to-follow training materials for administrators and faculty.  NOOK Study puts students and faculty ahead of the learning curve and keeps your bookstore ahead of the sales curve as the source for digital content. 


Fishbowl - Learning Space Impact

Bonnie Cooper, Student Think Center Coordinator, The University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. Erin Price, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, Belhaven University 
Dr. Jamye Foster, Assistant Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. John Bishop, Assistant Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi
Lisa Raney, Education Solutions, Steelcase 

In what ways can the environment support learning? An intentional approach can establish an environment that encourages communication, collaboration, reflection, and connection. Whether you are building a new space, retrofitting an existing classroom, or teaching in a traditional setting, you can enhance the student experience. The panel shares some of the succesful techniques they have used with their classes.


Digital Storytelling In Curriculum

Dr. Shuyan Wang, Associate Professor 
The University of Southern Mississippi

More and more teachers start integrating Digital Storytelling into their curriculum as multimedia software and devices become common in our daily life. A digital story is a personal narration about self, family, ideas, achievements, disappointments, or (learning) experiences with any of available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video, animation, and Web publishing. Digital Storytelling has been used by educators in many ways, such as introducing new materials, helping students learn to conduct research, synthesize large amounts of content and gain expertise in the use of digital communication and authoring tools. It facilitates the convergence of four student-centered learning strategies: student engagement, reflection for deep learning, project-based learning, and the effective integration of technology into instruction. It also helps students organize ideas as they learn to create stories for audiences and present their ideas and knowledge in an individual and meaningful way. It especially helps students in writing to learn and speaking to learn. This presentation is to discuss how digital storytelling can be used in teaching and learning and how to create digital stories with Widows Live Movie Maker, including (a) steps of creating digital stories, (b) elements of a digital story, and (c) tools for creating digital stories. Windows Live Movie Maker, a free software come with Windows 7, one of the powerful digital storytelling tools, will be demonstrated in details. Some practical samples will be displayed to the audience to help educators understand how digital storytelling has been used in instructional settings. Overall, digital storytelling is a valuable learning tool and plays an important role in education, and thus, should not only be considered as a multimedia element.


Augmenting Education: What is AR? Why Is It Important? How Can I Use It?

Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising
The University of Southern Mississippi

Steve Yuen, Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design
The University of Southern Mississippi

Presenters discuss the evolving field of Augmented Reality (AR), including a brief exploration of the history of AR and some examples of current AR applications. Topics covered include the coming significance and impact of AR in economics, society, and education. Examples are given of presenters' own expereinces integrating AR into teaching and learning within their classrooms.


Ensuring Academic Integrity with Online Proctoring

Luke Brymer, Partnership Coordinator, ProctorU

The presentation will demonstrate how educators can prevent or catch cheating and ensure the academic integrity of online programs. The session will discuss how educators can advance policies designed to reduce incidents of dishonesty online using a number of strategies. The presenter will also share industry research and best practices. 


Thinking Outside of the Box: An Approach to Teaching Online Courses

Dr. Kelly Ferris Lester, Assistant Professor of Dance
The University of Southern Mississippi

Thinking Outside of the Box: An Approach to Teaching Online Courses will focus on transposing assignments and experiences from face-to-face classes into the online learning environment. Lester will use examples from her online course, Dance Appreciation, as inspiration for brainstorming sessions. Instructors are encouraged to bring syllabi and assignment examples to the workshop. Questions that will guide the workshop include: What and why is this assignment/experience in your course? How does it translate into the online learning environment? How do you assess this in the online learning environment? The workshop will also address online learner characteristics, expectations of the assignments and learners, and ways to continually improve your online course.


Virtual and Physical Connections: Innovative Teaching in an Online Program

Dr. Stacy Creel, Assistant Professor, The University of Southern MississippiDr. Teresa S. Welsh, Assistant Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi

This presentation examines the idea of embedded learning community and looks at the technology and communication tools, class activities and assignments used to achieve the community building in the student’s physical community and their online courses. Nine categories of involvement were used to assess 33 master level courses on their level of online and physical community building in The University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Library and Information Science. It shares how others can use these activities and online tools to incorporate innovative teaching in their own courses.


Technology--Now and Then

Margaret Britt, Computer Science Instructor
Copiah-Lincoln Community College

How can technology change the way we teach? With technology impacting every phase of education, come review resources available and learn about new ones.


Using i>clicker to Enhance Performance and Promote Peer-Assisted Learning Communities

Dr. Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Assistant Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi
Mandy Gunnell, Regional Technology Specialist, i>clicker

This presentation focuses on research, pedagogy, and best practices for using i>clicker sutdent response systems in the classroom. The presenters will focus on how the combination of peer instruction and clickers can promote active learning, as well as improve student performance, participation, and attendance.


Design Tips to Make Your Course a Winner

Dr. Evelyn Green, Assistant Professor
The University of Southern Mississippi

Participants will learn how to build an instructor-friendly course schedule and design effective online assignments and activities from the Millennial. This session highlights coursework that includes a variety of different learning opportunities including live sessions with industry professionals, team projects, presentations, and multimedia and course reflection. This session will focus on the importance of professional input to ensure an industry and a 21st century competency-focused curriculum to allow students to gain first-hand information.


Creating Collaboration with Google Apps for EDU

Ross Randall, Director of Information Technology
Hattiesburg School District

This session will be a live demonstration of how you can leverage Google Apps to create an engaging and collaborative class. You will learn how to use and manage many of the Google Apps tools as well as some tips and tricks to make life a bit easier in your classroom.


Creating a Capstone Experience

Marsha Lay, J.D., Professor of Practice
The University of Southern Mississippi

The presenter will discuss strategies used in creating a capstone to foster business and tourism industry knowledge, experiences, and opportunities that will enable the student to develop and utilize critical and creative thinking processes, to practice team-building and leadership skills, to experience traditional business environments and professional behaviors necessary to be competitive in the global marketplace. The presentation will also include a discussion about the emphasis placed on strengthening oral and written communication along with performing individually and in team leadership roles.


Learning How to Join the New Mississippi Blackboard User’s Group - MagnoliaBUG

Kelly Hatcher, Business Instructor, Northwest Rankin High School

Interested in joining or learning more about the new Mississippi Blackboard User Group, MagnoliaBUG?  We’ll use this inaugural meeting of the group to update you on the mission and goals of the group, as well as share how you can join and get involved. We also want to hear from you! Part of this session will be devoted to hearing your feedback and ideas on how we can refine our mission and goals to best meet the needs of the Blackboard user community in Mississippi. This session is open to all.

Anybody Can Be a Techie: Using Smartphone Apps to Engage Your Students

Dr. Dave Davies, Dean of the Honors College
The University of Southern Mississippi

Faculty are often intimidated by introducing technology into their coursework because learning new software can be so daunting. This workshop will argue that simple applications available on the widespread iPhone and Android platforms offer professors easy-to-use tools to engage students through technology. YouTube, Google Voice, Twitter, Splice, and GarageBand are just a few such applications. The presentation will argue that professors can not only use these apps to deliver content to students, but profs can also ask students to use these apps to complete engaging homework and assignments. The presenter will offer examples of effective use of cell phone apps from his own and from colleagues' experience.


Innovative Teaching Strategies for a Nurse Anesthesia Program

Dr. Marjorie Geisz-Everson, Assistant Clinical Professor and Assistant Director, The University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. Vickie Stuart, Assistant Clinical Professor and Director, The University of Southern Mississippi

Many nurse anesthesia programs are taught using the traditional lecture style.  Student retention of lecture material is poor and lecturing alone is ineffective (Handelsman, Miller, and Pfund, 2007, p. 2). A nurse anesthesia program instructor, who plans to implement this teaching strategy in the spring of 2013, took a scientific teaching seminar. Various teaching methods will be employed (i.e. group work, individual work, lecture and other activities) to capture diverse learning styles. Groups will be diverse and include at least one female student and at least one non-Caucasian student. During each activity, the instructor will assess student understanding of the material and clarify misconceptions. The intent of this type of teaching is to engage students in the learning process and encourage students to utilize critical thinking skills.


How to Be a H.E.R.O. - Secret Identity Not Required

Wynde Fitts, Associate Dean of Students
The University of Southern Mississippi.

Do you feel like you are always dodging bullets or can’t save the day alone? Join Wynde Fitts of the Dean of Students office at the University of Southern Mississippi as she takes you through an interactive session about engaging students in the classroom. We all know its tough being a hero, managing all those capes and secret identities. In this session identify your “superpowers” and find out how real heroes wear simple clothes not tights or masks! This funny and interactive session will teach you effective ways to deal with millennial learners. Walk away with ways to apply the concepts and strategies shared in the session, along with techniques to sharpen your personal skills. You might even come away with a secret identity.