ALA Accreditation, Program Assessment

ALA Accredited


ALA Accreditation 2019

ALA Accreditation 2012


 Program Assessment

Enrollment, Retention, MLIS Degrees Awarded

Year Grad/UG Enrollment* Retention** MLIS Degrees Awarded***
2018   158/74    
2017   142/66  89% 44
2016   133/64  88% 36
2015   103/43  80% 40
2014   128/43 70%   63 

Southern Miss Institutional Research (Spring 2018)

** WEAVE Assessment Data 

*** IHL Degree Books: 2014.pdf2015.pdf2016.pdf2017.pdf


Assessment of MLIS Students

Students must complete a capstone research project, pass a comprehensive exam, and create an e-portfolio as part of the 40-credit hour MLIS program requirements.

  • MLIS students must take a technology class as one of their electives and create an e-portfolio
  • In LIS 695 capstone course, students must complete a master's research project
  • In LIS 695 capstone course, students must pass a comprehensive exam.


Assessment of MLIS Program by Students

The Exit Surveys of Graduating MLIS students are aligned with the American Library Association's Core Competencies of Librarianship.  Students evaluate their knowledge of the core competencies using a Likert Scale.  


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Program assessment is an ongoing, active and systematic process intended to monitor and improve the overall quality of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO). The documents below relate to SLIS program assessment based on Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) as required for SACS and ALA Accreditation.  

MLIS Program Assessment Reports (WEAVE)