Electronic Mailing Lists (Listservs)

SLIS has two listservs, lisnews and slisjobs.


Lisnews: SLIS Student Electronic Mailing List:

All SLIS students (graduate and undergraduate) must subscribe to the SLIS student electronic mailing list, lisnews. Information is distributed through the mailing list from faculty and staff at the SLIS office to all subscribers.

Messages include deadline date reminders, LISSA meeting notifications, messages from faculty regarding courses and university announcements.

Subscribe to lisnews by completing the online form available at https://mailman.usm.edu/mailman/listinfo/lisnews.

Other noteworthy information:

  • If you would like to post to lisnews, send the message to lisnews@usm.edu. Remember that this message will be sent to everyone on the listserv! When you receive a message from lisnews and desire to reply to the person sending the message, do NOT click the reply option, but instead compose a new e-mail message to be sent to that person's individual e-mail address. Students are asked not to use this listserv to send personal messages. If you would like to remove yourself from this mailing list, fill out the form for unsubscribing (located under "Lisnews Subscribers") at https://mailman.usm.edu/mailman/listinfo/lisnews.
  • If you would like to contact the owner of the list, if you have trouble unsubscribing or if you have questions about the list itself, send an e-mail to slis@usm.edu.


Slisjobs: SLIS Student Electronic Mailing List:

This listserv is used to distribute postings of available positions in the field of library and information science.

Subscribe to slisjobs by completing the online form available at https://mailman.usm.edu/mailman/listinfo/slisjobs.