Graduate Nondegree Admissions

Note: The director of the School of Library and Information Science must grant permission for any graduate nondegree admission. Eligibility and application for non-degree admission do not grant admission. The following regulations indicate reasons a graduate student may be eligible for non-degree admission, they do not guarantee such admission.

Please review the Regulations Governing Nondegree Graduate Students from the Graduate Bulletin. Refer to the bulletin from the year of your admission to the program or the current year.

Students that might be interested in nondegree enrollment include:

Even though a nondegree graduate student is allowed to take courses at the university, he or she has not been admitted to any department or to any degree program.

A nondegree graduate student must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Nondegree graduate students are not eligible for financial aid.

No more than nine (9) semester hours earned while classified as a nondegree graduate student will be accepted toward a master's degree at The University of Southern Mississippi. A student must, therefore, gain conditional or regular admission before completing more than nine (9) semester hours of study for additional hours to be counted toward a master's degree.

If you are interested in seeking Non-Degree status as a graduate, you must:

  • Send official transcripts to the University of Southern Mississippi's Graduate School.
  • Apply as a nondegree student via the Graduate School's online application.  
  • Immunization Requirements- Beginning in summer 2015 all graduate students (including online-only students) are required to submit proof of immunization for measles and rubella.