Undergraduate Course Descriptions

201. Introduction to Information Literacy. 3 hrs. Introduction to practical and theoretical aspects of information management, including skills in locating, retrieving, and using relevant, reliable information.

** Most LIS courses require department consent. Please contact the School of Library and Information Science for enrollment assistance if you encounter LIS enrollment problems.

401. Reference and Information Services. 3 hrs. An introduction to reference materials, services, activities, and functions as well as methods for locating information.

405. Cataloging and Classification. 3 hrs. Principles and methods of cataloging and classifying library materials; provides practice in bibliographical description and subject analysis.

406. Cataloging Multimedia Objects. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: LIS 405. Study of the principles and methods of descriptive and subject cataloging and classification of multimedia materials.

408. School Libraries. 3 hrs. A survey of the objectives, functions, and organization of the library in elementary and secondary schools.

411. Development of Library Collections. 3 hrs. Philosophy and principles governing the selection and procurement of all types of library materials, including the use of selection aids and bibliographic sources for developing both print and non-print collections; this is writing intensive course.

415. Rural and Small Libraries. 3 hrs. An overview of management principles of rural and small public libraries.

416. Technology in the School Library. 3 hrs. A survey of technology utilized in elementary and secondary school libraries.

417. Literature and Related Media for Children. 3 hrs. A survey of children's literature, traditional and modern, and other related materials for use by and with children from birth to grade 6.

418. Literature and Related Media for Young Adults. 3 hrs. Study of adolescent literature and other related materials for use by and with young people in grades 7-12.

419. Programs and Services for Youth. 3 hrs. Introduction to activities programming for youth and its relation to learning and libraries.

428. Storytelling. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: LIS 417 or 418 or permission of the instructor. A study of oral tradition and folk literature with emphasis on selection of stories and the art and technique of storytelling. Provides practice in storytelling.

433. History of the Book. 3 hrs. A study of the origins and early development of books and printing in Western Europe and the Americas.

440. Information Ethics. 3 hrs. Introduces ethical issues and concerns specifically related to information professions and information technology.

445. Sources of Information for a Multicultural Society. 3 hrs. Overview of the diversity of information resources available in print and other media for a multicultural society and the diversity of information utilization by that society.

457. Information Technology and Libraries. 3 hrs. Examines various applications and contexts in which computers and other forms of information technology are utilized in different types of information centers and libraries.

458. Web Design and Evaluation. 3 hrs. Introduces principles of Web design and development including basic HTML coding and evaluation of Web sites including library Web sites.

480. British Studies: Studies in Librarianship.3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Comparative studies of library and information- related institutions, bibliographic organization, models of service and professional practice in the United States and Great Britain.

481. British Studies: Seminar in Children's and Young Adult Literature. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Intensive study of specific topics of British interests in literature for children and adolescents.

486. British Studies: Historical Studies in Children's Literature. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Traces the development of children's literature in England and the United States to the early 20th century.

487. British Studies: Research. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Provides the opportunity for in-depth research projects.

489. Library Practicum.1-4 hrs. Arr. Supervised work in a library to provide the student with operational library experience. This is writing intensive capstone course. (lis489practicum_handbook.doc and Facility_Agreement_Form.doc)

491. Library Instruction. 3 hrs. Study of principles and methods of information literacy and bibliographic instruction in libraries.

492. Special Problems in Librarianship. 1-3 hrs. Individual investigation of topics to be approved by the director. (Students undertaking a Seniors Honor Project will enroll in LIS 492H.)