Gulf Park



Mardi Gras Mask - $18

11:00 AM - Thursday, February 2

Location: Offsite - Ohr O'Keefe Museum (386 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS)

Facilitator: Stacey Johnson

Come and create your own design on a clay mask. You can display it for the Mardi Gras holiday. Stacey Johnson is the ceramics teacher at the Ohr O'Keefe Museum. Enrollment Cap: 20


Beginning Origami - $10

1:30 PM - Tuesday, February 21

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 106

Facilitator: Sherryl LaPointe

Students will complete more than one origami projects during the class period. If possible they should bring a pair of scissors as one project will involve cutting the paper. Sherryl LaPointe is a retired teacher who has had a lifelong interest in crafts of all types. Enrollment Cap: 20


Two Hour Blue Crab Painting in - $23

11:20 AM - Monday, February 27

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Barbara Brodtmann

This class is designed for all students who think they can't paint and want to experience the joy of completing a painting with no fuss or muss in two hours. All materials and individual art instruction included. Come give it a try and surprise yourself. Enjoy this relaxing event and go home with your very own painting. Brodtmann also has a long history of teaching art. Brodtmann's work is featured at several galleries along the Gulf Coast.

Enrollment Cap: 15


Creating an Outdoor Mosaic - $23

9:00 AM - Thursday, March 2

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Joanna Slay

With Spring in the air, it's time to get outdoors. Splash some color around your home or yard by creating a mosaic piece. Participants will select from a large variety of outdoor mosaic supplies to complete a project in one class. Make an address sign for your home or select from assorted cut-out shapes for the patio or yard. Joanna Slay, former graphic designer and Art Director, moved thirteen times in seventeen years as a Navy wife. Each move produced another broken dish, some sentimental and difficult to discard. She began creating mosaics and discovered the joy of recreating trash to treasure. She volunteers at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. You may visit her website @ Enrollment Cap: 15


Owl Vase - $18

11:00 AM - Thursday, March 30

Location: Offsite - Ohr O'Keefe Museum (386 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39564)

Facilitator: Stacey Johnson

Come and create your very own OLLI owl vase with clay.  The vase can be used for flowers or any other items you like. Enrollment Cap: 25




Using Oil and Vinegar as Spice - $13

1:30 PM - Thursday, February 16

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Kyla Jacobs

In this course we will discusses various ways of using oil and vinegar and discuss easy recipes. We will provide a fun treat using our oils, vinegars, and sea salts! Kyla Jacobs, an alumna of USM, is the Regional Manager of Pass Christian and Ocean Springs Olive Oils and Vinegars. Kyla enjoys helping and educate customers about finding the perfect flavor aesthetic for new or existing recipes! Enrollment Cap: 20


Lunch, Learn and Art at the Mary C -$23 11:20 AM - Friday, March 3

Location: Offsite - Mary C O'Keefe Cultural Arts Center (1600 Government St, Ocean Springs, MS)

Facilitator: Cheri Hiers

Chef Cheri will prepare a tasty seafood lunch in front of your eyes and walk you through every step of the process. Wander the historic halls to our art gallery, history museum or gift shop. Chef Cheri Hiers has almost 19 years experience in the business. She has been the culinary arts director at The Mary C for the past 3 years.

Enrollment Cap: 24


Downtown Gulfport Foodie Tour - $45

9:00 AM - Thursday, March 9

Location: Offsite - Meeting Location - TBD

Facilitator: Wendy Fairley

Join us on our Downtown Gulfport Foodie Tour where we visit 5 different restaurants over a 3 hour period and learn interesting facts about the area, restaurants and cuisine. We will walk approximately 1 leisurely mile with abundant rest stops, water and bathroom breaks. After retiring from the Air Force and relocating back to the Gulf Coast, Fairley studied culinary arts and baking/pastries at MGCCC, developing a love for food, presentation, and history. She manages Tasty Tours of South Mississippi. Enrollment Cap: 16


Mesh Wreath Making - $8

11:20 AM - Monday, March 27

Class Sessions: 1

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Holly Kissel

In this course you will learn to assemble a mess wreath. In order for you to make a unique wreath, a list of supplies to bring with you will be sent after registration. Holly is a senior at USM. She is currently studying Business Administration and Applied Technology. She has worked for OLLI since 2015. A few of her hobbies include crocheting, wreath making and drawing.

Enrollment Cap: 25


Spring Centerpieces - $28

11:20 AM - Monday, April 3

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Rachel Bond

Learn hands on techniques for creating a centerpiece for a table or mantle. We will create a Spring inspired fresh flower design that attendees can keep for their homes. The techniques learned can be used to re-create this design or to experiment with other fresh floral designs in the future. Rachel Bond is the owner of Pine Hills Floral Designs in Pass Christian. She creates custom floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events and parties. Enrollment Cap: 25




Tai Chi Chih for the Beginner - $20

9:00 AM

Tuesdays and Thursdays,

Jan. 24, 26, 31, Feb. 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, & 23

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC Auditorium

Facilitator: Susie Pham

This class will teach traditional physical meditative practice. It is designed to build strength, improve health, flexibility, reduce stress, and increase energy flow. This class is designed for new members to learn and existing tai chi followers to enhance their skills. Susie Pham has been a resident of the coast for 30 years. During a trip to China she was fascinated to see how Chinese people practiced Tai Chi in the park. Suzie has practiced Tai Chi for 9 years and was trained by Grand-Master Shi DeRu, who is a 31st generation of the Shaolin temple.

Enrollment Cap: 25


Yoga for Seniors - $20

1:30 PM - Wednesdays

Jan. 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15, and 22

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC Auditorium

Facilitator: Buck Lawrence

This course will teach gentle yoga that will help build/maintain flexibility, stamina, and range of motion in both the muscular and skeleton systems of our body. The instructor is a certified Yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. He has taught for almost 10 years specializing in classes for seniors.

Enrollment Cap: 12


Tai Chi Chih Intermediate - $20


Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mar. 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30, Apr. 4 & 6

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC Auditorium

Facilitator: Susie Pham

This class will teach traditional physical meditative practice. It is designed to build strength, improve health, flexibility, reduce stress, and increase energy flow.  This class is for those who have taken Beginning Tai Chi.

Enrollment Cap: 25


Yoga for Seniors - $20

1:30 PM - Wednesdays

March 8, 15, 22, 29, and April 5

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC Auditorium

Facilitator: Buck Lawrence

This course will teach gentle yoga that will help build/maintain flexibility, stamina, and range of motion in both the muscular and skeleton systems of our body.

Enrollment Cap: 12




Maritime/Seafood Industry Museum - $8

10:00 AM - Friday, February 17

Location: Offsite - Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum (115 1st St, Biloxi, MS)

Facilitator: Michelle Deane Peterson

This will be a tour of the museum lead by the outreach program director. The museum features exhibits on the marine industries, the wetlands as well as the Wade Guice Hurricane Museum. There is also an Art Gallery featuring regional and national maritime artists. Peterson is the museum’s outreach director.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Mardi Gras in the South - FREE

10:00 AM - Friday, February 24

Location: Offsite - The Mardi Gras Museum (119 Rue Magnolia, Biloxi, MS)

Facilitator: Mardi Gras Museum Staff

The Mardi Gras Museum, which houses the exhibits and memorabilia of the past and present Mardi Gras, and is an ever-changing museum in keeping with each year's celebration of Mardi Gras. After the tour, we will have lunch at Sal & Mookie's. Enrollment Cap: 20


Spring Native Plant Walk - $8

1:30 PM - Thursday, March 16

Location:  Offsite - Crosby Arboretum (370 Ridge Road, Picayune, MS)

Facilitator: Pat Drackett

Explore the Crosby Arboretum’s native plant exhibits with Pat Drackett, arboretum director. After a short indoor discussion of the garden’s history and mission, the program will move outside for a walk through the grounds. Drackett is the Director of Crosby Arboretum. Prior to starting with the Arboretum in 2007, she was a landscape designer and garden consultant.

Enrollment Cap: 20


They All Ask for You!!! - $45

9:00 AM - Friday, March 24

Location: Offsite - New Orleans Zoo

Facilitator: Monica Pasos

A field trip to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans where the animals, are waiting for your visit. Enjoy a live animal presentation on the Rainforests. After saying good-bye to the animals enjoy lunch at the Audubon Clubhouse under the oak trees. Pasos is the School Program Coordinator at the Audubon Zoo. She has been at the Zoo Since 2001. Price includes bus and admission.

Enrollment Cap: 30


The La Pointe - Krebs House - $8

1:30 PM - Thursday, April 6

Location: Offsite - The La Pointe-Krebs House (4602 Fort Street, Pascagoula, MS)

Facilitator: Marks Sokolosky-Wixon

This course will consist of a Director-guided tour of the museum, behind the scenes tour of the LPK House, and a tour of the grounds.  Subjects covered range from Native American inhabitancy to modern day industry, still in play based around the Pascagoula/Jackson County area. *There is walking involved, covering 2 acres or so - and not constant. Sokolosky-Wixon is Executive Director of The La Pointe - Krebs Foundation that maintains and is restoring the La Pointe - Krebs House. Enrollment Cap: 25


Port of Gulfport Tour and Overview - FREE

1:30 PM - Friday, April 7

Location: Gulf Park Campus -

Facilitator: Jonathan Daniels

Jonathan Daniels, Executive Director and CEO of the Mississippi State Port Authority, will take OLLI members behind the gates of the Port of Gulfport and give an informative and up close look at the Port's Infrastructure and facilities. The Port has been named a Strategic Seaport Designation and is rapidly completing expansion projects. Daniels will be happy to answer questions about the present and future plans of this exciting Port and the economic impact on the State of Mississippi. Enrollment Cap: 21




Five Wishes - $10

11:20 AM - Tuesday, January 24

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 301

Facilitator: Nanci Youngblood

We will discuss 5 wishes: who you want to make care decisions for you when you cannot; the kind of medical treatment you want or don't want; how comfortable you want to be; how you want people to treat you; and what you want your loved ones to know. This seminar is interactive and the participants learn from each other. A handy tool is provided to walk you through the five steps. Nanci's special interest in offering this seminar is to help initiate the conversation within families as to their wishes if or when a family member can no longer speak for him or herself.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Getting Healthy. Staying Healthy! - $8

1:30 PM - Tuesday, January 24

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Tyler Normand

This course provides a general introduction into the basics of health and fitness covering areas such as: body structure, common conditions, benefits of exercise, types and intensities of exercise, fueling for exercise, recovery, and safely carrying out an exercise plan. New Year’s resolutions welcome! Normand is physical therapy technician with a BS in Kinesiology. He works under Steve Myers at Family Physical Therapy of South Mississippi in Long Beach.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Every Woman Needs a Purse - $8

11:20 AM - Thursday, January 26

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Karen Gould

This course reviews unique challenges facing women in their financial lives. This course has an atmosphere that encourages learning and then taking action. You’ll leave the course able to review your current financial situation and decide the steps needed to move to greater financial security. Gould is a financial representative with Thrivent Financial.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Supporting Children with Autism - $8

9:00 AM - Friday, February 3

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Sheila Gaudet

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is neurological disorder currently effecting 1 in 45 children. ASD is made up of a cluster of symptoms related to social interaction, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviors. Often grandparents and family members struggle to relate to these children in a positive way. Sheila Gaudet is a licensed and active Special Education Teacher, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and parent of a child with autism.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Hands Only CPR - $8

9:00 AM - Monday, February 27

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 105

Facilitator: Judy Parker

This is CPR for those who want to help but hesitate because they are scared they might cause harm or don't think they are qualified. Anyone can do it! Judy Parker is an RN with 20 years experience as a nurse in various roles. Judy has been running the Nursing Simulation Lab at the College of Nursing for the past two years and also teaches CPR at all levels from Basic to Healthcare Provider since joining USM.

Enrollment Cap: 12


Iridology:  A Window to Your Health - $8

11:20 AM - Wednesday, March 8

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Betty O'Brian

This lively presentation will illustrate how the eyes reveal your personal health. Attendees will have the chance to look at their own eyes for the health of their body and to learn the basics of health through the eyes. Pictures of some major health issues revealed through the iris and sclera will be shared with the class. O’Brian, a former instructor at MGCCC, now works for the Southern Institute of Natural Health where she and others teach certification courses in a variety of health topics.

Enrollment Cap: 20




Women That History Has Forgotten - $20

1:30 PM - Mondays

January 23, 30, February 6, 13, and 20

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 102

Facilitator: Carol Strohmetz

This course will examine the lives of women who have made contributions to the history of this country, but have not received the acclaim that should have been accorded to them. Carol Strohmetz is a graduate student of American History with a focus on women. Her research compares women who worked in the shipyards during WWII in Pascagoula, MS and Bath, Maine. Enrollment Cap: 20


Ancient Cultures III - $20

9:00 AM - Wednesdays

January 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22 2017

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 102

Facilitator: Jon Caridad

While the more familiar civilizations of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome were developing, a parallel set of civilizations were developing in the Far East. This course will track the development of civilization in China and Japan. Join us, for five weeks, investigating the growth of these exotic, mysterious and influential civilizations in world history. Jon Caridad is a retired Episcopal priest, with a long career in education and administration.  Enrollment Cap: 20


Clash of Wings: Air Warfare in WW II - $20

11:20 AM - Wednesdays

January 25, February 1, 8, and 15

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Anthony Rhodes

This is a four part survey of the great air campaigns of World War II. We will cover the fight for aerial supremacy over Western Europe, the little known but decisive Russian front, and the vast aerial war over the Pacific Ocean. Class will discuss tactics and technology, key personalities and the strategy that won the war. Rhodes, a retired Navy pilot and automation engineer, has traveled around the world studying history. Aviation history has been his greatest research area followed by Roman Empire. Enrollment Cap: 20


Why is American History Changing? - $16

1:30 PM - Tuesdays, Jan. 31 and Feb. 7

Location: Gulf Park Campus—FEC 106

Facilitator: James Pat Smith

This course will explore how and why the interpretation of American History has changed from colonial times to the present day. We will review the questions that have driven historical inquiry at different times in our past up to the present day. Together we will also consider the role of history in basic citizenship education in a democracy and whether (or why) changing views are healthy or unhealthy. Dr. James "Pat" Smith is a Professor Emeritus of History at USM where he taught for 30 years. Smith holds a Ph.D. in history from Vanderbilt and has books and articles on race relations in Mississippi and the British Empire. Enrollment Cap: 15


The Old Ball Game: Baseball to 1905 - $8

1:30 PM - Thursday, January 26

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 209

Facilitator: Timothy Brownlee

We will discuss the origins of the game, the first game played in 1846, its role in the Civil War, the rise of professionalism, the birth of the National Leagues, the American Association, the rise of the American League and the circumstances that led to the first modern World Series. Timothy Brownlee is a Senior Undergraduate Student at USM-Gulf Park. Timothy won First Prize at the 2016 Undergraduate Symposium for his research on Jackie Robinson’s role in the Civil Rights Movement. Enrollment Cap: 20


What Don't You Know about Gulfport - $8

1:30 PM - Thursday, February 23

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Betty Shaw

Gulfport is the second largest city in Mississippi and is a unique coastal town. We will share stories and artifacts about old, and not so old, Gulfport. Shaw is am a member of the staff of the USM Gulf Coast Library and president and founder of the Historical Society of Gulfport. She has written about Gulfport and its interesting history. Enrollment Cap: 20


Why Visit Cuba Now? - $8

11:20 AM - Tuesday, March 7

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: David Vincent

Do you want to learn about our island neighbor just 90 miles south of our border? There is so much beauty in Cuba. Tourists are starting to flock all over the island. Learn about the 13 ways you can visit Cuba as well as updates to customs and import rules. Vincent is a retired television executive who loves to travel and recently led 19 individuals on a nine day trip to Cuba.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Who Are You Really? - $8

11:20 AM - Tuesday, March 21

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 304

Facilitator: Gail Taylor

Participants will have the chance to create a pedigree chart and visit several genealogical websites. Each participant should bring the following information concerning a person they plan to research: name; city, state and where the person lived and year; date of birth and/or death; place of birth/death/age; and names of spouse(s), children, parents, etc. Brown-Taylor is a retired Academic Dean and Nurse Practitioner.  Since retiring on the Coast in 2005, she joined the Ocean Spring Genealogy Society (OSGS). Enrollment Cap: 15




Native Plant Gardening - $14

1:30 PM - Friday, March 17

Location: Pascagoula River Audubon Center (5107 Arthur St, Moss Point, MS)

Facilitator: Erin Parker

Would you like to increase the number of birds and butterflies in your backyard? Are you interested in reducing your garden workload while continuing to enjoy a gorgeous garden? This class is for you! We'll talk about the many benefits of native plant gardening, for both human gardeners and the numerous garden visitors we hope to see at our flowers, shrubs, and trees. Erin is a life-long naturalist and gardener, former high school science teacher, and currently the Education Programs Manager at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center.

Enrollment Cap: 25


Gardening in South Mississippi - $8

11:20 AM - Wednesday, March 22

Location: Pine Hills Nursery (7434 Cuevas Rd, Pass Christian, MS)

Facilitator: Polly Cuevas

We will see and experience many plants onsite at the Pine Hills Nursery location. There will be opportunities for plant related questions and gardening information. Polly Cuevas is the manager of Pine Hills Nursery in Pass Christian. Polly has managed the nursery since its beginning in 1986. Pine Hills is a retail garden center specializing in crops such as Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, Poinsettias, and Mums that are grown on site. Pine Hills Nursery is a family owned garden center that now also offers Floral Designs for Weddings, Special Events, and Parties.

Enrollment Cap: 25




Beginning French Part II - $20

11:20 AM - Thursdays

February 2, 9, 16, 23, and March 2

Location: Gulf Park Campus - LH 201

Facilitator: Ted duCharm

This course will continue studies of the French language especially for travel in French speaking areas of the world, French customs, geography, and culture. Ted duCharm taught French, Hospitality - Travel, ESL, and History in several high schools and universities (non-credit). He is certified in all the above. He has also worked with Pan American Airlines, Thomas Cook at the United Nations, and started traveling the world at a young age.

Enrollment Cap: 10


How to Write Your Life Story - $8

11:20 AM - Tuesday, January 31

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Margaret McMullan

Have you ever wanted to tell your story? In this seminar we will look at practical ways to shape particular life events into a meaningful story. Margaret McMullan is the author of seven award-winning novels including In My Mother's House and Aftermath Lounge, a collection of stories, and the editor of Every Father’s Daughter, an anthology of essays about fathers by women writers. After teaching for 25 years, she now writes full time.

Enrollment Cap: 20


How to Publish Your Book - $8

11:20 AM - Tuesday, February 21

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Philip Levin

This two hour seminar will teach various methods of self-publishing.  We will discuss editing, graphic designing, cover design, simple binding, Publish-on -Demand, and hard-cover out-of-country production. Philip Levin is the author of 22 published books, president of the Gulf Coast Writers Association, and editor of the Magnolia Quarterly.  He has over a hundred published articles.

Enrollment Cap: 12




Learn Bridge I - $20

9:00AM - Mondays

January 23, 30, February 6, 13, and 20

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 102

Facilitator: Richard Logan

This is a beginner’s course in Bridge. All are welcome to come learn this fun card game! Richard Logan is an emerald life master in Bridge. He has taught Bridge for 10 years. Enrollment Cap: 20


Windows 10 Basics - $20

1:30 PM - Mondays

March 6, 13, 20, 27, and April 3

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 302

Facilitator: Brooke Van Norman

This course will cover Windows 10 basics, such as installing programs, adjusting accessibility settings, and basic navigation of the Windows 10 operating system. Students MUST bring their own Windows 10 PC to class. Brooke Van Norman is an A+ Certified PC Technician with over 10 years of experience in technical support. She is currently a stay-at-home mom who enjoys teaching others about computer basics. Enrollment Cap: 15


Learn Bridge II - $20

9:00 AM - Mondays

March 6, 13, 20, 27, and April 3

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 102

Facilitator: Richard Logan

A sequel to Part I. Continue learning how to play the fun card game of bridge. This class builds upon knowledge learned in Part I and is for those with prior experience playing Bridge. Enrollment Cap: 20


Today's Internet - $8

9:00 AM - Friday, March 10

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 302

Facilitator: Hameed Abdul-Rashid

Hameed returns to OLLI with the "Today's Internet" course. His goal is to hand tailor the topics, discussions, and exercises around the group. Regardless of whether or not you are able to turn on your smart phone or if you can navigate easily around the devices you own and operate there will something for everyone! Abdul-Rashid has built computers, helped develop software, done consultant work, created online tutorials, taught at OLLI, and interned at Stennis Space Center.

Enrollment Cap: 15



Buddhism: An Introduction - $8

11:20 AM - Tuesday, February 7

Location: Gulf Park Campus - LH 201

Facilitator: Victoria Hippard

How do we come to understand the Buddhist belief that “Everything in life and the universe is in an endless process of impermanence, change, and decay”? This seminar presents the history and teachings of Buddhism, which convey the richness of a philosophy and also a religious practice. Bodhisattvas and wrathful deities will join us as we seek to understand Zen Buddhism. Victoria Hippard, MSW, LCSW, PhD., has taught as an adjunct professor in social work at Tulane and religious studies at Loyola. She enjoys learning about the ways in which people find meaning and enlightenment.

Enrollment Cap: 15


Isms and Ologies: Studying Traditions - $20

1:30 PM - Tuesdays

March 7, 14, 21, 28, and April 4

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 106

Facilitator: Barb Gibson

This course will take a cursory view of the following traditions and ideologies: Agnosticism; Atheism; Philosophy; Judaism; Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Rev. Gibson's undergraduate degree is in Language Arts Education and was earned at Florida State University. Her first MEd was earned in Counseling from Providence College and MDiv from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. She has maintained a life-long passion about teaching and preaching. She spent two years in Iran where her daughter was born and is familiar with Islamic traditions. She has also studied at a Buddhist retreat center.

Enrollment Cap: 15


Hinduism-An Introduction - $8

11:20 AM Tuesday, March 14

Location: Gulf Park Campus - LH 201

Facilitator: Victoria Hippard

Hinduism represents an astonishingly complex conglomeration of doctrines, cults, rituals, practices, observances, and institutions. Hinduism includes believers who are monotheists, polytheists, pantheists, atheists, agnostics, dualists, monists, or pluralists. And yet, for the ancient sages, creation emanates from chaos as "That One". This presentation includes some of the art and beauty of the world's oldest religion. The Gods and Goddesses may join us for a little yoga as we learn the path to enlightenment. Victoria Hippard, MSW, LCSW, PhD., has taught as an adjunct professor in social work at Tulane and religious studies at Loyola. She enjoys learning about the ways in which people find meaning and enlightenment. Enrollment Cap: 15


C.S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters - $20

9:00 AM - Wednesdays

March 8, 15, 22, 29, and April 5

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 102

Facilitator: Jon Caridad

C.S. Lewis was a highly influential and widely read English philosopher, author and theologian.  In The Screwtape Letters, Lewis proposes a series of letters written by the Prince of Darkness to his disciple; outlining and describing methods by which to sabotage the growth and popularity of the Christian Faith. The course will require participants to own and read portions of the book; and lectures and discussions will focus on the more important "Letters.”

Enrollment Cap: 20



Exploring the Ocean Depths: How Oceans Work and Why We Need Them - $16

1:30 PM - Fridays

January 27, February 3, and February 10

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 106

Facilitator: Victoria Young

We will investigate the structure of the ocean, changes in sea level, and how the ocean moves. Then, we will review ocean environments and how the ocean affects light. Next, we will look at the behavior, habitats, and survival techniques of ocean plants and animals. In the last session we will discuss the effects of humans on the ocean and vice versa. Young has been a teaching assistant for psychology and marine science courses and has tutored students in sciences, study habits, and math for five years. She also participates in oceanography outreach education and is am currently applying to Teach for America. Enrollment Cap: 20


Climate Change: Global & Local Insights - $8

10:00 AM - Monday, January 23

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: William Curtis

This seminar explains the basic science of global warming and the simple laws of physics that caused scientists to predict global warming over 100 years ago. We will discuss how the climate has warmed since the industrial revolution and how such warming affects climate and human populations. We will also consider how both the political left and political right in this country are inhibiting workable solutions, alternatives to fossil fuels, and possible government action. Dr. William Curtis hold a BS and a PhD in Chemistry from USM. After serving in the Army for five years, he spent 30 years in chemical industry research, manufacturing, and technical management. He leads the MS Gulf Coast chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby and is a member of the CCL Conservative Caucus. Enrollment Cap: 20


Tides and Why They Matter - $8

11:20 AM - Friday, January 27

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Laura Hode

Understanding tides around the world is an integral part of interacting safely and efficiently with the ocean.  Creation of scientific branches within the US Navy resulted after ignorance of foreign tides led to the deaths of US soldiers.  This course is designed to give an introduction to the different types of tides, what causes them, and why knowledge of tides is important.  Unique tides such as tidal bores and internal tides will be discussed. Laura Hode is a graduate student at the Division of Marine Science, School of Ocean Science and Technology, at USM. Her research focuses on physical oceanography.  More specifically, she studies the influence of ocean surface currents on pollution containment in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  She has logged over 100 days at sea on research vessels and is experienced with oceanographic equipment and ocean models. Enrollment Cap: 20


Supernatural Versus Paranormal - $8

11:20 AM - Wednesday, February 22

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Connie Rainey

This course will be discuss the differences between the supernatural and paranormal. We will discuss how science might prove their possible existence. Connie Rainey is a retired nurse, artist and active paranormal investigator. She is a resident of the gulf coast.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Severe Weather Science and Safety - $8

11:20 AM - Monday, March 13

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Danielle Manning

This seminar will examine the science of severe weather. Topics will include severe weather climatology, hazards, and severe weather safety. The seminar will conclude with a role-playing exercise during which participants will be given a severe weather briefing and then asked to make decisions based on the briefing information. Danielle is a lifelong resident of Southeast Louisiana and originally became interested in meteorology while watching the rain bands from Hurricane Andrew move through in 1992. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in meteorology from Saint Louis University and a Master's from Florida State. She works for the National Weather Service New Orleans/Baton Rouge office.

Enrollment Cap: 20


Ocean Circulation - $8

11:20 AM - Wednesday, March 15

Location: Gulf Park Campus - FEC 101

Facilitator: Brooke Jones

In this course we will learn the basics of ocean currents and their importance in moving water and heat around the globe. We will also explore how currents in our region affect local marine life. Jones is an observational oceanographer at USM's Stennis Space Center campus. Her expertise is in the integration of ocean-models and satellite sensors to study bio-physical processes, such as the growth of phytoplankton due to offshore circulation patterns. As a gulf coast native, she focuses her research to issues affecting our region. Enrollment Cap: 15