Industry Presenters' Presentation Guidelines


This guide has been designed to help Industry presenters prepare their abstract and power point presentation for the Logistics, Trade, and Transportation Symposium 2014 -  February 26-27, 2014 - Gulfport, Mississippi - University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park Campus.

Industry Presentation Submission
Industry professionals interested in presenting at Symposium must: -

Presentation Time and Format
Industry presenter will be grouped in panels of 3 to 5 presenters. Each Industry presenter will be allocated 10-15minutes (Strictly enforced!). Following all panelist presentations there will be a Question and Answer session.
Power Point Presentation Preparation

  • All Industry presenters must submit a power point presentation by the deadline indicated above.
  • The power point presentation should not exceed 15 slides (Approximately 1 minute of talk per slide)
  • Industry presenters should consider in the power point presentation the following:
    • Title Slide
      • Symposium Information “Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium 2014”
      • Host Information “University of Southern Mississippi’s Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation”
      • Session Subject Matter (i.e.: Understanding Agent/Distributor Agreements)
      • Presentation Title
      • Industry Presenter’s Full name
      • Title/Position
      • Company Name
      • Contact Information (i.e.: E-mail Address, Phone
      • Company Logo (if available)
    • Objective Slide
      • List what you intend the audience to gain from your presentation
    • Agenda Slide
      • Outline how is your presentation organized
    • Main Body of your Presentation Slides (Up 10 slides)
      • Follow the agenda to achieve the objective of your presentation
      • Clear Graphics, Photos, Diagrams (Avoid Wall of Text)
    • Summary Slide
      • Recap main points to ensure that the audience understood the objective of the presentation
    • Closing Slide
      • Include your name, contact information, etc. 
  • Name your power point presentation with your full name and subject matter.  (example: john-smith-global marketing.ppt)
  • Minimum Font size 18 points
  • When preparing the presentation “Ask Yourself, What is the point of this slide?” Each slide should help the industry presenter to make a point.
  • Assume that members of the audience are NOT experts in the subject matter.
  • Deliver your presentation enthusiastically demonstrating your excitement and knowledge about the topic.
  • Give the audience the information they need to make a decisions
  • Keep your presentation short and focused