Intermodal Transportation Curriculum for Secondary Education


Pilot Study


This project is a part of state initiative to increase awareness of intermodal transportation education among k-12 stakeholders. This project offers a customized 2-day Technical Workshop for selected k-12 teachers at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). The Mississippi Department of Education and Government are asking the state’s Centers for Logistics Excellence to organize knowledge building workshop for high school teachers to participate, prepare and dissipate relevant and practical knowledge on logistics concepts, transportation and intermodal facility to k-12 students.

The Southern Miss Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (CLTT), and an affiliate, the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Education (CEEE), are nationally recognized university centers, both housed in USM, support logistics research and study, ongoing intermodal facility developmental project at the port of Gulfport, sustainable economic and community development projects for entrepreneurs, business, as well as training to k-12 educators and students.

This educational workshop will tailor six lecture modules as such the participants will be required to create a sample lesson plan at the end of workshop. The workshop is designed to provide fundamental understanding of basic concepts of intermodalism, impact of intermodalism in transportation and economy, logistics & supply chain functions to facilitate intermodal transportation, career opportunities, and future perspectives of intermodal transportation professionals. The workshop will share some resources and best practice examples to develop such curriculum for k-12 students. As stated earlier that at the end, the participants will develop a sample lesson plan focusing on overview of intermodal transportation, logistics and supply chain activities, and career development opportunities that can be used in the k-12 curriculum for all to use. Following are the materials for the workshop.

Prepared by:
Dr. Tulio Sulbaran
Dr. Mohammad Rahman
Dr. MD Sarder
Dr. Chad Mille
Center for Logistics, Trade, andTransportation (CLTT)
The University of Southern Mississippi

Ms. Cole Bernstein 
The Irwin Brown Company 
Ms. Jennifer Steele
Mr. Stuart McAvoy

Under the Supervision of:
Dr. Lemond Irvin
Mississippi State University
Mr. Brad Skelton
Mississippi Department of Education

[pdf] Intermodal Transportation Complete Book (All Modules)
[pdf][ppt] [mp4] Introduction : Intermodal Transportation Workshop
[pdf][ppt] [mp4-1]
Module 1 : Fundamentals of Intermodal Transportation
[pdf][ppt] [mp4-1]
Module 2 : Career Opportunities & Intermodal Education for K12 Students
[pdf][ppt] [mp4] Lunch: A Passion for Intermodal Transportation
[pdf][ppt] [mp4-1]
Module 3 : Freight Forwarding & International Shipments
[pdf][ppt] [mp4-1]
Module 4 : Intermodal Selection Process & Transportation Decisions
[pdf][ppt] [mp4] Module 5 : Successful Handling of Intermodal Operations @ UPS
[pdf][ppt]  Module 6 : Transportation Rules, Regulations, & Their Impacts
[pdf][ppt]  Projects: Student Project Ideas & Concluding Remarks

 Additional References
[pdf]A North American Transportation Infrastructure Strategy
[pdf]Freight Facts and Figures
[pdf]Industry Impacts - Inventing and Propelling an Entire Industry
[pdf]Introduction to Multi-Modal Transportation Planning
[pdf]Overview of the U.S. Freight Transportation System
[pdf]Transport & Logistics by Oliver Wyman
[pdf]Transportation Distribution and Logistics