International Transportation Compliance and Hazmat Meeting - Presentations

Naval Air Systems Command's
International Transportation Compliance and Hazmat Meeting
30 – 31 July & 1 Aug, 2013
Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi

Topics and Speakers


  • Tuesday, 30 July 2013 – International Transportation Compliance


Speaker: Mr. Ron Weinberger is Naval Air Systems (NAVAIR) Command's Director of Logistics for International Programs where he serves as the principal international logistics advisor within NAVAIR's International Programs office and the Logistics Management Integration Department. As a senior staffer, Mr. Weinberger serves as the primary interface with senior foreign government officials and executive level industry partners while leading U.S. inter-agency teams in carrying out complex international projects. Mr. Weinberger is an alumnus from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Presentation: U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Policies and Regulations on both DoD Foreign Military Sales (FMS) exports, and commercial operations to include foreign vessel arrival, foreign air arrival, customs duty and tariff collection, immigration, agriculture, foreign trade zone and bonded facilities.

Speaker: Mr. Andrew Samarripa is the Port Director for the Port of Pascagoula, MS for U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection. He is responsible for enforcing the policies and regulations of exports within the US. He also directs all layered enforcement activities relative to counter-terrorism and supports other federal/state and local law enforcement activities within his area of responsibility. Mr. Samarripa is a retired military veteran and served in the United States Air Force for twenty four years and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Presentation: International Trade Commercial Compliance

The U.S. Commerce International Commercial Terms, Tariffs and Import Fees, and Pre-Shipment Inspection Schedule B and Harmonized System Numbers Export Licensing/Export Compliance Documents Automated Export System (AES).

Speaker: Ms. Jessica M. Gordon, CGBP, is an International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce.

Presentation: Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation

The Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (CLTT) at the University of Southern Mississippi provides a competitive advantage to logistics and supply chain industry and government agencies through its multidisciplinary activities in Logistics, Trade and Transportation including on‐line Master of Science, applied research activities and networking events.

Speaker: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran is the Director for the Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation(CLTT) at The University of Southern Mississippi which offers a Master of Science in Logistics, Trade, and Transportation (MS LTT).

Presentation: Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS)

Recognizing the need for a single system to provide end-to-end visibility of shipped material purchased through Foreign Military Sales, DSCA responded by creating the Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS) program in order to better manage the increasing sales in the security cooperation (SC) community.

Speaker: Mr. Bill Hayes, Hawkeye Tracking Inc. is in support of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Mr. Hayes is a retired US Naval Commander whose final tour was with the U.S. Navy International Program Office as their logistics officer.

Presentation: U.S Export Law & Regulations

The U.S. Government views the sale, export, and re-transfer of defense articles and defense services as an integral part of safeguarding U.S. national security and furthering U.S. foreign policy objectives.

Speaker: Ms. Shelly Atkinson, Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. In her current capacity, she educates U.S. and foreign defense industry on best practices and compliance with the AECA and ITAR. She is a standby member of the Civilian Response Corps. Previously, Ms. Atkinson was in the Enforcement Division of DTCC and reviewed voluntary and directed disclosures, and supported federal law enforcement on alleged criminal violations of the AECA and ITAR since 2009. Prior to joining DTCC, Ms. Atkinson held the position of an International Trade Compliance Analyst at the International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, conducting trade investigations and administrative reviews of unfair foreign trade practices, such as dumping and countervailing duties.

Presentation: Military Packaging, Handling, & Storage for Transportation

Utilize new or advanced material designs or systems to protect sensitive material for shipping and storage that is susceptible to damage from an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) event. Recommendations will be made that that will provide an immediate cost savings onto material purchasers through the avoidance of potential degrading ESD induced failures.

Speaker: Mr. Frank Magnifico is the Naval Air Systems Command's Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) Technical Warrant Holder, Transportation Officer and Branch Head. Mr. Magnifico holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York and an MS in Packaging Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Presentation: Ports, People & Potential: Rethinking Military Logistics in the 21st Century

Nearly 3,300 miles away from Gulfport, MS, the country of Panama is expanding a global business platform to serve the world. It will change logistics in the United States as we know it. The real question: Are we prepared for the paradigm shift? Those entities that embrace the coming change -- with strategic plans and objectives -- have the best chance at negotiating the incoming wave of economic potential to expand where necessary or cut expenses with a more efficient and effective distribution system.

Speaker: MAJ Craig M. Sumrall is the Mobilization Operations Officer at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Mississippi. A veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, MAJ Sumrall has served in various logistical roles over his 23-year service, including the strategic level oversight of bulk fuel and water routed into Afghanistan through multiple venues, including Pakistan. He is currently working on a white paper for submission to the Army Logistics University. MAJ Sumrall holds a Master's of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation with a graduate certificate in Economic Development from The University of Southern Mississippi.

CPT John A. Hankins is the Future Operations Officer at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center and serves as the Logistics Officer for 2nd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne). CPT Hankins was part of the initial 2003 invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and recently completed 20 years of service, including duty with a Joint Special Operations unit. CPT Hankins holds a Master's of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation with a graduate certificate in Economic Development from The University of Southern Mississippi.

CPT David E. Leiva is the Special Plans & Projects Officer at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Mississippi. He is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. CPT Leiva, an infantry officer, is a former award winning journalist who served as a Battle Captain for a Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan. A graduate of Tulane University, he is a candidate for the Master's of Science in Economic Development at The University of Southern Mississippi. His research interests include globalization and long-term disaster recovery.


  • Wednesday, 31 July 2013 – HAZMAT AWARENESS

Presentation: Mississippi Army National Guard Troop Employment and HAZMAT Mitigation Missions

Scheduling and selecting the modes of transportation for personnel and equipment and other actions required during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

Speakers: COL Lee Smithson, SGM John Raines, and SGM Robert Goldsmith. COL Smithson is the Domestic Operations Officer for the Mississippi National Guard. In this position, he has responded to Hurricane Katrina, Deep Water Horizon, the tornado outbreaks of 2010 and 2011, and the Mississippi River Flood in 2011. SGM Raines is the current J3 Sergeant Major for the Mississippi National Guard and serves as the senior enlisted soldier under the Director of Military Support. He has had numerous deployments to include OIF and Katrina. SGM Goldsmith is the Sergeant Major for Operations and Training for the 66th Troop Command in Jackson, Mississippi. He will discuss Katrina Presidential Decontamination Stand-by, Search and Rescue/Recovery missions, and related HAZMAT topics.

Presentation: HAZMAT Awareness / Roles and Responsibilities

HAZMAT Awareness complies with requirements of Federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Law (49 U.S.C. § 5101 et seq) and Federal, State, Local, and International regulations as they apply to HAZMAT and the roles and responsibilities of the employer/employees in the HAZMAT transportation process.

Speaker: Mr. Bob Jaffin is the author of "Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Life Cycle Management: Corporate, Community and Organizational Planning and Preparedness". He also has published articles in numerous trade industry journals. Mr. Jaffin is a Board member of the Transportation Research Institute and Former President, National Defense Transportation Association Atlanta chapter. He was a panelist at the IATA International Dangerous Goods Conference and NDA European Symposium. Mr. Jaffin was an instructor for the U.S. Naval Supply Corps School and has a BS in Business and an Executive MBA from Suffolk University Executive.

Presentation: DoT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Speaker: Investigator Kimberly TaiSee is from the Southern Region Office where she was the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration Investigator of the Year. She served in the U.S. Air Force as a Supply Technician and an Air Force Recruiter. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Florida State University and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University.

Presentation: Hazmat Training Opportunities

There are several opportunities for compliance and hazmat training that the NAVAIR team can coordinate local and overseas training that will be shared with the participants.

Speaker: Mr. Dave Prudhomme is a Senior Transportation Specialist who provides transportation support to Naval Air Systems Command for multiple international military partners. His international efforts include transportation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) systems for in-theater support used by foreign partner nations in support of antiterrorism and anti-drug enforcement operations.

Meeting Facilitator: Ms. Balwindar K. Rawalay-VanDeVoort is the Naval Air Systems Command's International Transportation team lead for Government and Contractor Service Support personnel who establish integrated processes and procedures across all FMS aviation weapon system platforms in assuring the teams are legally compliant. Ms. Rawalay-VanDeVoort served 28 years as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer in a variety of Aviation Logistical billets.


  • Thursday, 1 August – International Country Side Meetings

Presentation: EX Package Process

The transportation of explosive material into and within the U.S. is prohibited without first obtaining written approval from the Department of Transportation (DoT). That approval is issued in the form of a DoT EX number. Partner countries purchasing explosive material through the Foreign Material Sales are further required to obtain EX numbers unique to their country via a specific application process.

Speaker: Mr. Will Woods currently serves as a senior Transportation Specialist and the Missile Team Lead within GDIT’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Transportation Department. As the Missile Team Lead, Mr. Woods oversees all transportation coordination and Integrated Logistics Services in support of Naval Air Systems Command’s Air-to-Air Missiles and Precision Strike Weapons FMS Programs. Mr. Woods is a retired Naval Officer with over 30 years of military service and is originally from Natchez, Miss.

Presentation: Pre-Shipping Plans

The planning phase stresses the analysis of prospective cargo to determine hazardous material characteristics, weights, dimensions, security classification and material handling equipment (MHE) requirements, along with the capabilities of the proposed ports of embarkation and debarkation.

Speaker: Mr. Paul Brooks is the Technical Director for the Transportation Team at GDIT where he was instrumental in supporting the NAVSEA Iraq FMS program by arranging the transportation for 10 Patrol Boats and Off-Shore Vessels ranging in size from 35-60 meters as well as over 1 million lbs of additional material necessary to equip a shipyard and support combat operations. Mr. Brooks served 23 years in the U.S. Navy in a variety of Transportation and Logistics billets and is a graduate of Rutgers University and the Naval Postgraduate School where he received his Master's Degree in Transportation Management.