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505. Production and Inventory Control Systems. 3 hrs. Corequisite: IET 505L. Principles of production and inventory planning and control. Forecasting techniques, EOQ, MRP, production scheduling, line balancing, CPM/PERT.

513. Lean Production Systems. 3 hrs. The strategic and tactical elements of lean production systems.

514. Engineering Project Management. 3 hrs. The strategic and tactical elements of engineering project management.

570. Logistics Transportation Systems. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: IET 370. Analysis, design, and implementation of domestic and international transportation systems of people, processes, and technology.

571. Logistics Distribution Systems. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: IET 370. The analysis, design, and implementation of distribution systems of people, processes, and technology.

615 Advanced Supply Chain Management. 3 hrs. Principles of supply chain management (SCM) to include SCM concepts, strategies, and models.

670. Supply Chain Design and Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: IET 570 and IET 571. Designing and managing supply chain functions in a typical logistics environment.

671. Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: IET 570 and IET 571. The design and operation of contemporary supply chains, with a special emphasis of modeling and analysis.

672. Global Supply Chain Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: IET 370. Relationships between supply chain entities and global issues which influence the management of those relationships.


692. Topics in Engineering Technology. 1-6 hrs. Investigation of specific topics related to engineering technology. May be repeated for a total of 6 hrs.


623. Biostatistics. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: One course in statistics. Concepts and applications of descriptive and inferential statistical methods in health sciences.


646. Marketing and Business Development (Fall). 3 hrs. The course provides the student with instruction in concepts and practices associated with marketing, business recruitment, and business retention and expansion. Transportation and logistics is a key component of all these efforts.

701. The New Economy (Fall).
3 hrs. Four-day course presenting a comprehensive overview of economic development as a process, a practice, and a profession. Fulfills the Basic Course requirement for International Economic Development Council (IEDC) certification.

722. Economic Development Theory & Research Methods (Spring). 3 hrs. This course explains to the students how transportation and logistics are connected to economic development and provides marketable research skills used by transportation professionals including economic impact analysis.

725. Technology-Based Entrepreneurship in Economic Development (Spring). 3 hrs. This course examines the effective usages of technology and entrepreneurship and how technology-based entrepreneurship opportunities promote economic development.


575. Workforce Analysis. 3 hrs. Applied research methods and tools for the training professional to analyze and evaluate the worker, work processes, and the organization.


600. Organizational Behavior and Leadership. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: MGT 300 or the equivalent. Analysis of individual and group behavior topics essential to managing people in organizations.

610. Analytical Decision Making.
3 hrs. Prerequisite: BA 301 or the equivalent. The study and application of quantitative statistical methods to decision making.

611. Managerial Accounting. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: ACC 200 and 300 or the equivalent. An analysis of the use of accounting information in managerial decision making.

640. Financial Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300 or the equivalent. Applications of financial theory to complex financial problems.

650. Global Business Systems. 3 hrs. Examination of the impact of information technology on the productivity, quality, service, and problem-solving in the global business environment.


531. International Law and Organization. 3 hrs. The study of the functions of intergovernmental organizations in the modern world system.

558. Latin American Political and Economic Development. 3 hrs.

640. International Security. 3 hrs. This course examines the causes and effects of international security issues and the array of strategies for addressing problems related to war and peace in world politics.


514. Software Design and Development. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CSC 307. Corequisite: CSC 514L. Formal development of software through team projects.


575. Private Security: Law and Loss Prevention. 3 hrs. Basic concepts of the private security industry and the law that controls and directs the profession.


517. Geographic Information Systems. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 517L. Concepts and applications of geographic information systems in natural and human resource management and business decision-making.


713. Globalization. 3hrs. Examination of the basic components of research design in the social sciences. Compares various research methods and explains the steps needed to create a research design.

890. International Security. 3 hrs. This course examines the causes and effects of international security issues, and the array of strategies for addressing problems related to war and peace in world politics.

891. Seminar in Homeland Security. 3hrs. The seminar examines the nexus of internal and external security policy in the aftermath of the 11 September terrorist attacks, through an examination of the formulation, adoption, implementation, and evaluation of homeland security policy.


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