Degree Requirements

The great diversity and many opportunities in Logistics, Trade and Transportation are represented in the degree requirements including the successful completion of:

1- Minimum of total of thirty (30) hours in graduate-level courses.

2- Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be 600 level or higher.

3- Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be from the core courses

4- Twelve (12) of the 30 hours must be from the approved elective courses

5- Apply for Degree

6- Successful completion of a comprehensive written examination on-line following the the comprehensive exam guidelines

7- Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above is required for graduation.

8- Some students may be required to take few prerequisites/additional courses that do not count towards the minimum thirty (30) hours.

9- Continuous Enrollment Requirement and other requirements as specified in the Graduate Bulletin located at: Graduate Bulletins

10- Comply with the Academic Policies

12- Complete RCR Training and e-mail the certificate at the end of the form to Gabriela Thornton ( and to Mrs. Pam Posey (