Industry Needs

Annually, there are over 100 jobs openings in Mississippi and more than 2,300 job openings in Gulf South States in Logistics, Trade and Transporation according to an Economic Modeling Specialist Inc report. Furthermore, a survey of industry stakeholders shows an overwhelming support for master's level programs, a 76.5% of respondents preferred master's courses in logistics and supply chain, a clear favorite over other degrees or certificates. Respondents asked primarily for course emphasis in supply chains, planning strategy, import/export regulation, operations management and security.

The survey also shows industry leaders recommend the master's programs and students to focus on the following trends in global trade:

  • innovation in the movement of containers, international distribution centers and multimodal transportation
  • shifting from ship-to-highway emphasis to balanced rail, inland waterway and highway portions of multimodal operations; even within the industry, there are many who have little knowledge of the role of waterway transportation
  • shifting trends in production--where will cargo be produced in 10, 20 or 50 years, and how will that effect logistics for such cargo?
  • energy-related issues and the integration of new technologies to expand trade opportunities for SMEs
  • growing need to find more cost-effective ways of transporting increasing volumes of freight, both domestic and foreign
  • using technology in the transport of products from source to destination