Moderator Instructions

Moderators are essential to ensure that the conference presentations progress smoothly and on time. The organizers and the attendees very much appreciate your contribution to the conference.

Following are few tips for performing your role as moderator:

  1. Arrive early to the session and prepared
    • Arrive a few minutes early to room where the session that you are moderating will be held. Bring this sheet, the technical program and a watch.
  2. Identify the presenters and provide instructions
    • Identify the presenters for your session.
    • Introduce yourself to presenter.
    • Inform the presenters that you are there to assist and help maintain the presentation schedule.
    • Although, prior to each session, a technical support person will connect all of the equipment for the presenters you might ask the presenter to set up their particular presentation/equipment. If the presenter has a technical problem that they cannot resolve, please contact either a conference technical person near the meeting room or the Registration desk for assistance.
    • Explain to the presenters that they have 15 minutes MAXIMUM for the presentation, followed by a 4 minutes Questions and Answers Session. At least 1 minute is needed for transition between presenters. Ask the presenter how they would like to be informed of the remaining time; do they want a warning with 5 minutes, 2 minutes, etc. remaining.
  3. Maintain the presentation schedule
    • One primary responsibility of the moderator is to ensure that the presenters begin and finish their presentations on time according to the technical program.
    • Maintaining the presentation schedule within the session allocated time helps to fair treatment for all presenters.
    • In the event that a presenter, who is not last in the hour, is not present or has cancelled, please wait to begin the next paper until the scheduled time, so that all who planned to attend the remaining paper(s) can.

The moderator has the authority to stop a presentation that is about to run overtime.

NEVER let a presentation and Q&A overrun the 19 minutes.

If you have any additional questions, contact the Registration desk staff. And thank you again for serving as a conference moderator.