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Course Teaching

Spring 2013


IET 350 – Industrial Cost Control
This course provides Cost Analysis and Estimating aspects for engineers and technology management providers.

IET 409 – Plant Layout
The Plant Layout course focuses on industrial facility planning, the concepts and design methodology applicable to different types of facilities and service sectors.

IET 671 – Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis
The focus of this course is to harmonize concepts from diverse management disciplines to develop supply chain models and their performance analysis.



Current Research (January, 2013)

  • A Sustainability Analysis between Transportation Logistic and Global Trade
  • Transportation Mode Selection Trade-off between Green Transportation and Costs
  • Analysis of Green Aspects in Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation Model Selection
  • Trading Agent’s Ordering and Shipping Strategies for Short-life-Product Using Bayesian Analysis
  • Effectiveness of Ergonomic Improvement and Quality Analysis on Workplace Productivity 
  • Process Capability Analysis using Fuzzy inference System
  • Forecast for Market Demand Surge during Catastrophic Weather


Guiding Students Research

  • Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste Water in a Yeast Plant
  • Developing Six Sigma Methods for New Production Processes
    CNC Patterning Processes in Monolithically Integrated CIGS Solar Modules
  • U.S. Military Reduction of Forces & Equipment from Iraq in 2010