Non-Financial Sponsorship Opportunities

The CLTT recognizes the importance of non-financial support that broadens the scope of the symposium and/or improve the experience of the attendees.

Organizations that would like to know more about the non-financial support are encouraged to contact the organizers to obtain additional information. Few samples of non-financial support include:

  • Assistance in promoting the symposium by posting conference notices in your organization's newsletter, website and/or other communications vehicles.
  • Provide books, journal, magazine and/or references manual created by your organization.
  • Distributing sample software to the attendees relevant to conference.
  • Lead the development of a new symposium track.
  • Recommending this symposium in another gathering to a large audience.
  • Share advanced training and educational opportunities with the attendees.
  • Helping produce the materials to be distributed during the symposium.


In return to your company/organization for the Non-financial support, the CLTT will provide the following:

  • Company/Organization Logo on the official Symposium website

  • Link from the official Symposium website to the Company/Organization Web Site


Such no-financial support enables a greater proportion of available financial sponsorship to be focused directly to the core activities of the conference and thereby reduce symposium cost