Online Education and the Military

An education is the surest way to guarantee the future you want. Online education can make it possible for you to start achieving your goals now - even while you are still in the service.

The Benefits of Online Education for the Military

Today’s flexible options such as online education and financial assistance programs - including the GI Bill - can make it easier than ever to start or continue your education and qualify for the lifelong career that you want.

  • Online education presents a number of advantages over traditional or standard methods of learning, and students of all ages from nearly any educational background may benefit from learning online. The remote format of online education particularly suits active duty military personnel, but may also be ideal for veterans returning home to a job or family life.
  • Online degree programs offer a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Active duty military personnel enrolled in online courses can complete assignments during downtime, rather than adhering to a strict, daily course schedule that requires them to be present in a classroom. With the help of online education, soldiers can actually earn a college degree during their downtime, even while stationed thousands of miles away from a college campus.
  • Shortly after leaving service, many veterans are faced with the challenge of readjusting to life after the military. While a college degree is likely necessary to qualify for the career you want, devoting all of your time to school immediately after service may be unrealistic, and certainly not ideal.
  • The ability to take courses remotely, to complete assignments according to a flexible schedule, and to maintain other responsibilities like a taking care of a family or even returning to a full-time job make online education a favorable choice for veterans.
Online learning can make it possible to continue your education on your own terms, at your convenience.

Education for Military Spouses and Children

Military families have unique needs when it comes to higher education. Enrolling in a traditional school can be inconvenient or even impossible, due to time and location constraints. If you want to enter a career field that offers job opportunities in various locations and provides financial stability, online education is the best option for you. Many financial assistance programs and scholarships have been created specifically for military dependents to help you achieve your goals without taking on additional debt.

  • Life as a military spouse or child may be unpredictable at times. If you want to prepare for a career that offers nationwide job opportunities and financial stability, you need to think about your education.
  • Learning online will allow you to earn a college degree while on the go, working full time, and taking care of your children or younger siblings.
  • Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, military spouses and children may be eligible to receive financial assistance to enroll in school. Additionally, many military friendly schools will offer a discounted tuition rate to military dependents.

Jobs after the Military

Earning a degree online can help you gain the skills and credentials needed to find the career you want now, without spending years in school after leaving the service.

  • As you prepare to leave service or think about the future, it’s likely that you'll want to make your transition out of the military and into another job as smooth as possible. You will want to enter a career field that builds on the knowledge and experience you already have, and offers personal and financial stability, as well as opportunities for growth.
  • Veterans choose to work in a variety of different career fields, but some areas of work may be better suited to post-military life than others. It might make the most sense, for example, to seek work in an area of business relevant to military experience like supply chain, logistics, or transportation. In any case, many veterans consider some type of leadership role to be a welcomed responsibility.
  • Your career can take any path you want after the military, but opportunities may be limited without a college degree. If you are preparing to transition out of the military, it is important to research your career options, and determine the level of education needed to qualify for the job you want.

Military Friendly Schools Online

USM makes an extra effort to cater to the specific needs of military students and their spouses or children. We offer this program that is in line with your military experience, and admissions representatives and advising departments devoted solely to working with military students. Additionally, we offer financial assistance programs that allow you to maximize your GI Bill benefits and pay zero out-of-pocket.

  • USM recognizes the unique needs of military students and their dependents, and offer programs, services and learning environments that cater specifically to them.
  • The men and women of our nation's Armed Forces put their lives on the line for our country every day, and we go the extra mile to help them achieve their educational goals.
  • In some cases, veterans have not been enrolled in school for many years and may face challenges while trying to transition back into an academic environment. Or, if they are preparing to enter an entirely new field, they may need to begin their education at a level that does not necessarily correspond with their age or previous life experience. USM acknowledges obstacles such as these and take the measures necessary to create an effective and accommodating learning environment.

Military Experience

Many veterans choose to work for the military or government in some capacity, because this work allows them to utilize the skills they have gained throughout their military service. Overall, choosing to pursue a career that builds upon your military experience can help you make an easy transition out of service.