Professors and Students’ Presentation Files

W2C - Trucking Challenges and Issues 

W4C - Logistics Challenges and Opportunities

T1C - Students' Comeptition 

T2C - Freight Transportation Risk & Assessment Challenges and Opportunities

T3C - Freight Policy, Funding, and Tools Challenges and Opportunities 

T4B - Freight Transportation Challenges and Opportunities

T4C - Marine Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Mike Salvetti - Session Moderator
  • Maxim Dulebenets, Mihalis Golias & William Heaslet - Improving Seaside Operations at Marine Container Terminals (#7)
  • Samir Dhar - Commercial Vessel Tracking in the Great Lakes using AIS (#28)
  • Hu Yu, William Likos & Tuncer Edil - Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials in Great Lakes Commercial Ports for Transportation Projects (#34)
  • Amit Mokashi & Richard Stewart - Expanding the capabilities and use of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)