Reshoring and its impact on Transportation Infrastructure & US Economy

Project Description

Reshoring is expected to have a tremendous impact on the US economy and on the utilization of the existing transportation infrastructures of the country. It is an immense need to identify the potential companies in the US that will bring their manufacturing operations back in the US and to identify the impact on US economy and transportation. The change in location and subsequent alteration in product supply chain due to reshoring will cause changes in infrastructure needs to address issues such as capacity constraints, delays, and congestions.

In this research we will develop a reshorability index & Manufacturing location quotients within CFIRE region that will help US manufacturers to evaluate their reshoring strategy. This research will also develop tools and techniques to assess the impact of potential reshoring on transportation infrastructures. The research output will assist public officials in making strategic freight facility investment decisions that support supply chain efficiencies, promote business growth, and foster economic development.

Research Team:

  • MD Sarder - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Tulio Sulbaran - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Chad Miller - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Mohammad Rahman- University of Southern Mississippi
  • Tomas Schoemann - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Ben Zeitlow - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Mike Anderson - University of Alabama – Huntsville
  • Mike Golias - University of Memphis
  • Mishra S - University of Memphis
Project Advisory Board:
  • Harry Moser - Founder and President - Reshoring Initiative
  • Bruce Lambert - Executive Director - ITTS
  • Matthew Wypyski - Deputy Executive Director & COO - Mississippi State Port Authority
  • Bill Martin - Director Franklin Furniture Inst - Mississippi State University