Application Guidelines

The Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship Program is grounded in student engagement through a robust living/learning community, community service and leadership development. 


Who can apply for a Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship?

Mississippi residents who have been accepted into The University of Southern Mississippi as freshmen may apply for the scholarship.


What are the requirements necessary to apply for the scholarship?

The successful applicants have at least a 3.0 core GPA, are residents of Mississippi, have a history of involvement in their community, and have challenged themselves academically while balancing varying responsibilities. Evaluation is placed on financial need, community service, leadership positions in high school, recommendations, and overall fit for the Luckyday Program. Students who feel that they embody the ideals of the Program (strong work ethic, social responsibility, academically persistent, strong desire to pursue an undergraduate education, and desires/needs support to pursue their higher education dreams and goals, and is committed to the growth of others) are encouraged to apply.


How do I access the application?

The application for students entering the university in the fall of 2017 is now closed. Scholarship opportunities for the incoming 2018 class of students will October 2017.

The Luckyday Foundation Citizenship Scholarship is now stackable with most other scholarships, with the exception of Presidential or National merit, but may not exceed the federal calculated cost of attendance for the 2017-2018 academic year. For information about Admissions-based scholarships, please visit