Who can apply?

Only Mississippi residents who are also Mississippi high school graduates can apply.

How are applications evaluated?

A group of faculty, staff, alumni, and students evaluate them based on the totality of information provided by the student in their application.

How long will it take for me to find out if I receive the scholarship?

We will attempt to notify recipients by mid March.

How can I apply for the Luckyday study abroad scholarship?

You must be a second year Luckyday Citizenship Scholar in good standing with the Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship Program and The University of Southern Mississippi.

What is the finanacial assistance offered?

In 2011, the Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship will be a $2000 a semester amount renewable up to four years ($16,000 over 4 years) with a $4000 study abroad scholarship competition opportunity.

What opportunities for growth are there in the program?

  • Service Opportunities (all students)
  • Luckyday Living/Learning Communities (all students)
  • Luckyday Freshman Seminar (IDS 110)
  • Luckyday Leadership Team (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  • Luckyday Executive Team (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  • Luckyday Freshman Seminar Peer Instructors (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  • Luckyday Mentors (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  • Career Focus Luncheons (all students)
  • Special Event Programming
  • Book Clubs
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Intramural Sports
  • Luckyday Study Abroad Programs
  • Luckyday Alumni Board

How many service hours are required?

Students may provide 20 hours of service at pre-approved sites per semester starting the Spring semester of your freshman year or conduct approved service projects created by the students inconjunction with a community need.

Does my scholarship transfer if I transfer?

Luckyday Citizenship Program Scholarships are unique to The University of Southern Mississippi and will not transfer to any other institution.

Is there an on campus housing requirement?

Yes, freshman year students live on campus in specified housing with other Luckyday Citizenship Scholars. Studnets are required to live on campus for their sophmore year, as well. Students may live in any on-campus housing unit of their choosing their second year in the program.

Where will I live?

Century Park your first year in a select living, learning, serving community.

Do I need to apply for housing?

Yes, housing is required for your first two years on campus.

Can I live with a non-Luckyday student?

In order to promote a living-learning-serving community, Luckyday Scholars may only live with other freshman Luckyday Scholars their first year. Students may live in any on-campus housing option their second year in the program.

How will I pick my roommate?

You will have an opportunity to meet a roommate during Priority Preview. Residence Life also provides means of meeting other compatible students through an online venue.

What is Priority Preview?

Priority Preview is in April and you will have the opportunity to sign up for classes and learn more about The University of Southern Mississippi, the Luckyday Citizenship Program, meet other Luckyday Citizenship Scholars, find prospective roommates, and register for classes.