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Eagle File Transfer Service (EFTS)

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Eagle file transfer is a service provided by the university to share large files for a limited time interval.  Files hosted on this server are removed after 10 days.  Go to to begin the process.  If you have not registered with the service, click the “not registered” link and follow the instructions to register your account.  After the registration process is complete, log in using your soar username and password.

After logging in, click the “send new message” link under the Secure Mail header.  You will be prompted to enter all of the file recipients email addresses separated by commas.  You may change the subject line from the default and add a short message to the recipients if you so desire.  You may assign a password or allow the system to generate one for you randomly (recommended).  Next, you may change the package expiration date from the default of 3 days to anything from 1 to 10 days.  There are checkboxes to limit downloads, send me a copy (recommended), and to send a read receipt.

Now, click the “Attach a file stored locally on my computer” link at the bottom and click the “browse” button in the pop-up to locate your file.  Repeat for each file you want to send.  Click the “attach files” button in the pop-up and then click “done”.  Finally, click the “send” button at the bottom of the page to send an email to each of your recipients that contains a link to the files and a password.

Maintenance Request Procedures

For student machines, installation of specialized software and maintenance/repair of hardware must be handled by a representative of USM’s Information Technology (iTech) group. Chrissy LeGaux ( is the onsite iTech technician. While it is convenient to drop by and request Chrissy’s assistance with technology needs, there is a formal pathway for submitting a work order to iTech that should be followed and which is beneficial for reinforcing our need for an onsite iTech presence.

Work order requests can be submitted via phone by calling the iTech Helpdesk (601- 266-4357). For faculty and staff, work orders can be submitted online. All work orders should generate an email confirmation; if this does not appear, follow up by directly calling the Helpdesk to ensure that your work request has been logged.

NOTE: Students cannot submit work requests through the online portal.

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