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Student Computers

On University-owned student computers, a standard software suite is provided. For those with specialized needs, applications such as Matlab, IDL/ENVI, HYPACK or SEADAS may be obtained with supervisor approval.

Academically Priced Software Titles

In addition to the software that is pre-installed on DMS machines, many additional software titles can be acquired. A webpage has been set up by iTech that provides details and links to university-licensed titles (i.e., free) and academically priced titles available to students and faculty/staff. This information is available at:


DMS File Server

Marine Science also provides a file server for group projects.  When you are a Microsoft Windows member on the Active Directory, this server will automatically be mapped to your computer via the Z:\ drive.

If you do not see this mapping, you can manually map it by going to Computer, Map Network Drive and using the following path under folder:    \\usm.golden.eagles\pub\col\cost\dms

Those mapping from linux or older versions of Mac OSX will need to map to the full path: //sscfilesvr01.usm.golden.eagles/pub/col/cost/dms

Those mapping from Mac OS X “Mountain Lion or Mavericks (OSX 10.8 or 10.9)” will need to use the DFS link:

Login credentials will be your SOAR User ID and password


DMS General Use Linux Server (Nautilus)

Nautilus is a Linux server that is available to any member of the department upon request. It has been developed as a resource for processing, visualizing and analyzing larger data sets and sharing of software tool development among project groups. A number of software tools are installed. Users can access Nautilus through a terminal from their personal machines using SSH protocols. X2Go can be used when access through a GUI environment is preferred. Account requests should be made to Jamie Davis.


Parrotfish is an Apache web server setup for sharing data with colleagues/collaborators both within the USM domain and worldwide. This facilitates posting/sharing pdf files or small graphics output files in an ongoing basis that can be accessed through a web browser interface. One-time, or very large, file transfers between colleagues are better served by using the Eagle File Transfer Service. Any member of the department can obtain an account on Parrotfish by contacting the System Administrator.

DMS THREDDS (Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services) Server

The DMS THREDDS server is set up for making data sets generated as part of research activities of DMS faculty broadly available to colleagues within and outside of the USM domain. This is a mechanism for making whole files available via FTP or efficient subsetting of data sets through application of OpenDAP (Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol) protocols within software applications. A Parrotfish account is needed for users to post data sets to the DMS THREDDS server.