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Printing and Scanning

General use printers around the department are listed below, along with the identifier string that will appear when printer drivers are set up on the departmental computers. Chrissy can be contacted for setting up printer drivers on personal machines.

When using the DMS printing services, please follow these printing etiquette guidelines to ensure that access to these resources is maintained for all members of the department.

Building 1020:
HP LJM600 B&W LaserJet (1020_NE_HP_LJ_4200)
Canon ImageRunner 6255 (1020_122_Canon_iR6255)
Ricoh C411DN Color Laser Printer (1020_122_Ricoh_Aficio_SP_C411)
Ricoh C430DN Color Laser Printer (1020_NE_Ricoh_Aficio_SP_C430DN)

Building 1022:
HP 4200 B&W LaserJet (1022_114_ HP_LJ_4100)

Building 1029:
HP 4200 B&W LaserJet (1029_107_HP_LJ_4200)

Poster Printer:
EPSON SureColor T7270 Large Format Color Printer

If you are printing your finalized version, contact Chrissy or Jamie for assistance in loading the glossy paper. Otherwise, the draft paper should always be in place.

For first time users, contact Chrissy to set up access to the printer(s).

Document Scanning

DMS Copier

Our Canon ImageRunner 6255 (1020_122_Canon_iR6255) copier can also be used as a document scanner that provides colored scans of your documents. The scanned documents can either be sent to the file server or to your email as PDF files.

To send to file server:
On the copier display, hit Scan and Send. Then Address Book. Press down till you find the contact in the address book called Scan Folder. Hit Okay.  Then press the Green Start button.
Once scan is complete, go back to your computer.  The file will be in your Z: drive located under Departmental/Scan folder.

NOTE: Documents on the file server are open to all users. If this information is sensitive in some way, you should move the file on to your personal machine or use the eMail option.

To send to an Email.
On the copier display,
hit Scan and Send. Then Address Book. Press down till you find your Email Address. Hit Okay.  Then press the Green Start button.

If your Email address isn’t displayed then instead of Address book, choose New Destination, then hit Email. Follow the display instructions provided to you.

EPSON Flatbed Scanner

The flatbed scanner is connected to the community computer in the NE corner of BLDG 1020. The scanner can provide colored scans of your documents and pdf output.