Dr. Christopher T. Hayes

Assistant Professor

I am using isotope geochemistry to work on a variety of problems in oceanography and climate. The naturally-occurring uranium- and thorium-series elements provide ways to calculate rates of important oceanographic processes such as aerosol dust deposition, trace metal cycling or the sinking of organic matter. We can also look into the ocean’s past, using these elements in sediment cores as proxies for large-scale phenomenon such as deep ocean oxygenation, circulation patterns, or phytoplankton productivity.

Projects in my lab tend to involve sea-going opportunities and laboratory-based analytical chemistry, as well as marine science modeling and remote observations which are increasingly necessary in modern oceanography. Contact me about future possibilities if you are seeking an undergraduate research project, a graduate student assistantship or a post-doctoral fellowship.


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Email me at christopher.t.hayes@usm.edu


 Courses Taught

  • MAR642-Isotope Biogeochemistry, 3 credits
  • MAR683-Paleoceanography, 3 credits
  • MAR491-Marine Pollution, 3 credits
  • MAR491-Oceans and Climate, 3 credits (co-taught with Davin Wallace)

Selected Publications

Hayes, C. T., D. J. Wallace (2019), Exploring records of Saharan dust transport and hurricanes in the western North Atlantic over the Holocene, Quaternary Science Reviews 205, 1–9.

Hayes, C. T., E. E. Black, R. F. Anderson, M. Baskaran, K. O. Buesseler, M. A. Charette, J. K. Cochran, P. Fitzgerald, S. O. Morris, F. J. Pavia, G. Stewart, Y. Tang (alphabetical after first 2 authors) (2018), Flux of particulate elements in the North Atlantic Ocean constrained by multiple radionuclides, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, in press.

Hayes, C. T., R. F. Anderson, H. Cheng, T. M. Conway, R. L. Edwards, M. Q. Fleisher, P. Ho, K.-F. Huang, S. G. John, W. M. Landing, S. H. Little, Y. Lu, P. L. Morton, S. B. Moran, L. F. Robinson, R. U. Shelley, A. M. Shiller, X. Zheng (alphabetical order after 1st author) (2018), Replacement times of a spectrum of elements in the North Atlantic based on thorium supply, Global Biogeochemical Cycles 32, 1294–1311. → Featured on geotraces.org

Hayes, C. T., J. Rosen, D. McGee, E. A. Boyle (2017), Thorium distributions in high and low dust regions and the significance for iron supply, Global Biogeochemical Cycles 31, 328–347. → Featured on GEOTRACES.org

Hayes, C. T., D. McGee, S. Mukhopadhyay, E.A. Boyle, A. C. Maloof (2017), Helium and thorium isotope constraints on African dust transport to the Bahamas over recent millennia, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 457, 385-395. 

Hayes, C. T., J. N. Fitzsimmons, E. A. Boyle, D. McGee, R. F. Anderson, R Weisend, P. L Morton (2015), Thorium isotopes tracing the iron cycle at the Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station ALOHA, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 169, 1-16.

Hayes, C. T., R. F. Anderson, M. Q. Fleisher, S. M. Vivancos, P. J. Lam, D. C. Ohnemus, K.-F. Huang, L. F. Robinson, Y. Lu, H. Cheng, R. L. Edwards, S. B. Moran (2015), Intensity of Th and Pa scavenging partitioned by particle chemistry in the North Atlantic Ocean, Marine Chemistry 170, 49-60. → Highlighted on GEOTRACES.org

Hayes, C. T., A. Martinez-Garcia, A. Hasenfratz, S. L. Jaccard, D. A. Hodell, D. M. Sigman, G. H. Haug, R. F. Anderson (2014) A stagnation event in the deep South Atlantic during the last interglacial period, Science 346, 1514-1517. (PDF)

Hayes, C. T., R. F. Anderson, M. Q. Fleisher, K.-F. Huang, L. F. Robinson, Y. Lu, H. Cheng, R. L. Edwards, S. B. Moran (2015), 230Th and 231Pa on GEOTRACES GA03, the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect, and implications for modern and paleoceanographic chemical fluxes, Deep-Sea Research II 116, 29-41.

Jaccard, S. L., C. T. Hayes, A. Martinez-Garcia, D. A. Hodell, R. F. Anderson, D. M. Sigman, and G. H. Haug (2013), Two modes of change in Southern Ocean productivity over the past million years, Science 339, 1419-1423.

Hayes, C. T., R. F. Anderson, and M. Q. Fleisher (2011), Opal accumulation rates in the equatorial Pacific and mechanisms of deglaciation, Paleoceanography 26, PA1207. → Highlighted in Eos

See full list at my Google Scholar Profile. Feel free to contact me for PDF’s of these papers.