Dr. Davin Wallace

Assistant Professor

E-mail: davin.wallace@usm.edu
  • Paleotempestology
  • Coastal sediment budgets 
  • Hurricane impacts
  • Sea-level changes
  • Sedimentology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Global change


Coastal Hazards (MAR 684)

In this course we will investigate coastal hazards from around the world.
Topics will include sea-level rise, subsidence, hurricane and tsunami impacts,
earthquakes, mass wasting, oil spills, harmful algal blooms, hypoxia, and
climate change. We will explore these processes over annual to millennial
timescales from a geologic perspective. This class will be taught at the
introductory graduate level, and will include an optional field trip to the MS

Sediment Transport (MAR 684)

This course aims to increase your understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of geological oceanography and specifically relating the sedimentological world to us. This class will rely on quantitative methods, and will involve integrating physics and mathematics concepts within the framework of sediment transport.

Climate Change (MAR 684)

In this course we will discuss past, present, and future climate change. The course will focus on the earth as a system, and thus topics will be multi- and interdisciplinary. Students will lead weekly discussions based on peer-reviewed scientific papers. All students will be expected to read the papers and participate in discussions.


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Peer-reviewed Publications:

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