Dr. Dmitri Nechaev

Associate Professor

My research interests include the study of large-scale ocean circulation and coastal dynamics. In my research I am using an approach which combines advanced data processing algorithms and numerical methods of investigations. This research focuses on:

  • Analysis and interpretation of oceanographic data using statistical and inverse methods of data processing
  • Development of regional and general circulation numerical models for process oriented studies
  • Application of the methods of variational data assimilation into numerical models.



  • MAR 461/561, Physical Oceanography
  • MAR 461L/561L, Physical Oceanography Laboratory
  • MAR 685 - 1, Data Assimilation into Ocean Models
  • MAR 685-2, Available Potential Energy and Stability of Ocean Currents (together with Dr. V. Kamenkovich)
  • MAR 761, Numerical Modeling of Ocean Currents (together with Dr. V. Kamenkovich)


Selected Publications

Panteleev, G., A. Proshutinsky, D. Nechaev, R. Woodgate, J. Zhang, 2010: Reconstruction and analysis of the Chukchi Sea circulation in 1990-1991. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, C08023, doi:10.1029/2009JC005453.

Kamenkovich, V. M., D. A. Nechaev, 2009: On the time-splitting scheme used in the Princeton Ocean Model. J. Comput. Physics, 228, 2874-2905.

Kamenkovich, V. M., K. T. A. O'Driscoll, D. A. Nechaev, 2009: Dynamics of the Indonesian Seas circulation. Part II - The role of pressure head. J. Mar. Res., 67, 159 184.

Yaremchuk, M., D. Nechaev and G. Panteleev, 2009: A method of successive corrections of the control subspace in the reduced-order variational data assimilation. Monthly Weather Review, 137, 2966-2978.

Gleb Panteleev, Max Yaremchuk, and Dmitri Nechaev, 2009: Optimization of mooring observations in Northern Bering Sea. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 48(1-3), 143-154, 2009.

Gleb Panteleev, Dmitri Nechaev, Vladimir Luchin, Phyllis Stabeno, Nikolai Maximenko, Motoyoshi Ikeda, 2008: Toward development of the 4Dvar data assimilation system in the Bering Sea: reconstruction of the Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography. Chinese Journal of Polar Science: Special Issue of Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) Model-Data Fusion Studies in the Arctic Ocean and Subpolar Seas, 19(2), 123-134.