Dr. Jessica Pilarczyk

Assistant Professor

Research interests:

The aim of my research is to understand how coastal systems have been altered by both extreme events (storms, tsunamis) and gradual environmental changes over the Holocene.  My objective is to extend the short-term instrumental record, and through this improved understanding of impacts and processes, enhance our ability to forecast how coastal systems will respond in the future.  Many of the best reconstructions of coastal systems have been derived from sedimentary and paleontological proxies.  I use sedimentary, mollusk, and microfossil evidence to better understand the paleo-record in a variety of coastal systems (temperate, tropical, and arid environments).  My current research interests fall into, but are not limited to, four broad themes.

  • The application of microfossils in monitoring and reconstructing coastal environments
  • The role of storms and tsunamis on coastal evolution
  • Assessment of the risk of future great earthquakes along subduction zone coastlines
  • Millennial scale changes in sea level


Selected publications:

Pilarczyk, J.E., Horton, B.P., 2015.  MolluscaIn: Shennan, I., Horton, B.P., Long, A. (eds.), Sea Level Handbook.  John Wiley and Sons.   

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