Dr. Scott P. Milroy

Associate Professor

  • Tropical ecosystems
  • Ecological modeling
  • Ecological engineering
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Closed-system micro/macrocosms
  • Modeling approaches to adaptation testing



  • MAR 210 – The Oceans (Introduction to Oceanography)
    An introduction to biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography for
    marine science majors.
  • MAR 300/L – Marine Science I with Laboratory
    An in-depth exploration of key geological, chemical, and physical ocean processes.
  • MAR 301/L – Marine Science II with Laboratory
    An in-depth exploration of key biological ocean processes and marine ecosystems.
  • MAR 310 – Field Methods in Marine Science
    An introduction to the methods used in the collection and analysis of marine science
  • MAR 367 – Waves and Tides
    An investigation of complex ocean dynamics, including gravity waves, oceanic
    currents, and the tides.
  • MAR 402 – Marine Environmental Science
    An examination of environmental issues that affect oceanic and estuarine ecosystems, with special emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • MAR 411 – Remote Sensing of the Ocean
    An introduction to the theory and uses of remote sensing technology as a tool for
    ocean observation and research.


Selected Publications

Milroy, S. P. , D. Dieterle, R. He, G. J. Kirkpatrick, K. M. Lester, K. A. Steidinger,
G. A. Vargo, J. J. Walsh, and R. H. Weisberg. 2008. A three-dimensional
biophysical model of Karenia brevis dynamics on the west Florida shelf: A look
at physical transport and potential zooplankton grazing controls. Continental
Shelf Research, Vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 112-136.