Dr. Scott P. Milroy

Associate Professor

  • Coastal marine ecosystems
  • Ecological/Food-web modeling
  • Ecological engineering
  • Dynamics of nearshore hypoxia
  • Ecological impacts from declining water quality
  • Modeling approaches to adaptation testing



  • MAR 210 – The Oceans (Introduction to Oceanography)
    An introduction to biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography for
    marine science majors.
  • MAR 300/L – Marine Science I with Laboratory
    An in-depth exploration of key geological and physical ocean processes.
  • MAR 301/L – Marine Science II with Laboratory
    An in-depth exploration of key chemical and biological ocean processes.
  • MAR 310 – Field Methods in Marine Science
    An introduction to the methods used in the collection and analysis of marine science


Selected Publications

Blancher, E., Park, R., Clough, J., Milroy, S., Graham, W., Rakocinski, C., Hendon, R., Wiggert, J., and Leaf, R.  2017.Establishing Nearshore Marine Secondary Productivity Baseline Estimates for Multiple Habitats in Coastal Mississippi and Alabama Using AQUATOX 3.1 NME for use in the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment.  Ecological Modeling 359: 49-68.

Clough, J., Blancher, E., Park, R., Milroy, S., Graham, W., Rakocinski, C., Hendon, R., Wiggert, J., Leaf, R., Beiser, M., Harrell, R., and Wyatt, M.  2017.  Establishing Nearshore Marine Injuries for the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Using AQUATOX.  Ecological Modeling 359: 258-268.

de Mutsert, K., Lewis, K., Milroy, S., Buszowksi, J., and Steenbeek, J.  2017.  Using Ecosystem Modeling to Evaluate Trade-offs in Coastal Management: Effects of Large-scale River Diversions on Fish and Fisheries.Ecological Modeling 360: 14-26.

Blancher, II, E.C., Clough, J.S., Park, R.A., and Milroy, S.P. 2015. AQUATOX (Release 3.1 NME) Technical Documentation: Addendum to AQUATOX Release 3.1 Technical Documentation Reflecting Changes Made to the Model to Represent the Nearshore Marine Environment. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3060.8082

Milroy, S.P. 2015. Field Methods in Marine Science: from Measurements to Models, 1st Ed. Garland Science (Taylor & Francis Group), New York, NY. 360 pp.

Cwikla, J., Milroy, S.P., Reider, D., and Skelton, T. 2014. Pioneering Mars: Turning the red planet green with Earth’s smallest settlers. American Biology Teacher 76 (5): 300-305.

Milroy, S.P., Cwikla, J., and Jones, E. 2013. Pioneering Mars Activity and Curriculum Guide, compatible with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Curriculum Standards, grades 5-8.  http://pioneeringmars.org/s/PioneeringMarsCurriculumActivityGuide.pdf

Milroy, S. P. , D. Dieterle, R. He, G. J. Kirkpatrick, K. M. Lester, K. A. Steidinger, G. A. Vargo, J. J. Walsh, and R. H. Weisberg. 2008. A three-dimensional biophysical model of Karenia brevis dynamics on the west Florida shelf: A look at physical transport and potential zooplankton grazing controls. Continental Shelf Research 28(1):  112-136.