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There are two hydrography related programs at USM. One offers a Master’s in Hydrographic Science, the other offers a Ph.D. in Marine Science with an emphasis in Hydrography. The M.S. degree program in Hydrographic Science is a non-thesis degree program. Information on the Master’s degree curriculum follows here, information regarding the Ph.D. program can be obtained by sending a request here.


Master's Degree Curriculum

A total of 36 semester hours of graduate courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 must be completed in order to fulfill the degree requirements. A student can accumulate no more than two C's.

This degree program is offered to students over the course of one calendar year. Students normally enter the program in the Fall and complete 15 hours of classroom and "hands- on" practical course work (see example below). Instruction continues with another 15- hour series of lecture- and "hands-on" practical course work in the Spring. During the summer, there is a combination of lecture-based instruction and for six weeks - the students conduct a comprehensive field project in which student teams must demonstrate all facets of hydrography. The completion of the degree program over a one- year period is not a requirement, and those students wishing to carry on their studies over a longer time frame can do so. All courses listed below, however, must be completed to meet the standards set forth by the International Board for a Category A Hydrographic Surveyor. Other options are available to meet USM degree requirements but only the program listed below meets the requirements of the International Board.

Example - One Year Degree Program - Option I

Fall Semester

HYD 600Classical Geodesy3 hours 
HYD 607Oceanography for Hydrographers3 hours 
HYD 608Practical Hydrographic Science2 hours 
HYD 609Nautical Science1 hour 
HYD 620Math Concepts for Hydrographers3 hours 
MAR 668Applied Ocean Acoustics3 hours 
 Total Semester Course Load15 hours 

Spring Semester

HYD 601Hydrographic Data Management3 hours 
HYD 604Kinematic Positioning3 hours 
HYD 605Applied Bathymetry3 hours 
HYD 611Remote Sensing for Hydrographers3 hours 
HYD 612Water Levels3 hours 
 Total Semester Course Load15 hours 

Summer Semester

HYD 603Law & Policy for Hydrographic Science1 hours 
HYD 606Nautical Cartography and GIS2 hours 
HYD 610Hydrographic Science Field Project3 hours 
 Total Semester Course Load6 hours 

Total Degree Program Course Requirement

36 Semester Hours