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 Ocean Engineering (OE) 

  • OE 210, Intro. to Marine Science and Engineering. 3 hrs. An overview of ocean science and the challenges associated with designing and operating equipment in this harsh environment.
  • OE 227: Ocean Engineering Analysis Methods. 3 hrs. Prerequisite MAT 167. An introduction to ocean sampling technologies, numerical methods, and instrumentation.
  • OE 321. Coastal Engineering and Nearshore Processes. Prerequisite MAT 168, Co-requisite PHY 201/L. The topics of Coastal Engineering include coastal morphology, dune erosion and tidal inlets, coastal and river-bank protection, and breakwater design.
  • OE 326. Fundamentals of Ocean Mechanics. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: PHY 350.  Wave-current-sediment transport processes and their interactions with coastal ocean structures.
  • OE 391, Ocean Engineering Research Internship. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. Provide students with an industrial internship experience in an appropriate engineering discipline.
  • OE 417 Engineering Ethics and Safety Culture (GEC 07). 3 hrs. Prerequisites: ENG 101, ENG 102. A writing intensive course designed to introduce students to the engineering culture of ethical conduct as a professional and safety principles.
  • OE 468: Engineering Fluid Mechanics. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: MAT 285, PHY 350. Physical principles governing fluid flow with engineering application.
  • OE 489, Ocean Engineering Seminar (GEC 08). 1 hr.  Current topics in ocean engineering explored via student discussion and presentation; may be repeated for credit. 
  • OE 493. Ocean Engineering Projects & Design I. 4 hrs. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Engineering projects with a focus on the initial design and fabrication principles needed to solve complex problems.
  • OE 494. Ocean Engineering Projects & Design II. 4 hrs. Prerequisites: OE 493, Co-requisite OE 497. Engineering projects with a focus on final design and fabrication. Will result in project testing in an ocean environment.
  • OE 497 Ocean Engineering Capstone (GEC 09). 2 hrs. Permission and Senior Standing. Focus on improving written reporting and oral presentation skills. Culminates in presenting results from 2-semester OE Projects & Design sequence.