Recent Publications


  • Cambazoglu, M.D., Soto, I.M., Howden, S.D., Dzwonkowski, B., Fitzpatrick, P.J., Arnone, R.A., Jacobs, G.A., Lau, Y.A., 2017.  Inflow of shelf waters into the Mississippi Sound and Mobile Bay estuaries in October 2015.  Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11(3), 032410.  
  • Chiaverano, L.M., Graham, W.M., 2017.  Morphological plasticity in Aurelia polyps, with subsequent effects on asexual fecundity and morphology of young medusae.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 582, 79-92. 
  • Greer, A.T., Chiaverano, L.M., Luo, J.Y., Cowen, R.K., Graham, W.M., 2017.  Ecology and behaviour of holoplanktonic scyphomedusae and their interactions with larval and juvenile fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  ICES Journal of Marine Science, doi, 10.1093/icesjms/fsx168
  • Odezulu, C.I., Lorenzo-Trueba, J., Wallace, D.J., and Anderson, J.B., in press, Follets Island: a case of unprecedented change and transition from rollover to subaqueous shoals. in: Moore, L. and Murray, B., ed., Barrier Dynamics and Response to Changing Climate, Springer Science + Business Media Dordrecht.
  • Bregy, J.C., Wallace, D.J., Minzoni, R.T., and Cruz, V.J., in press. 2500-year paleotempestological record of intense storms for the Northern Gulf of Mexico, United States. Marine Geology, doi,10.1016/j.margeo.2017.09.009
  • Greer, A.T., C. Briseño-Avena, A.L. Deary, F.J. Hernandez, R.K. Cowen, W.M. Graham (2017) Associations between lobster phyllosoma and gelatinous zooplankton in relation to oceanographic properties in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Fisheries Oceanography 26(6)
  • Garrett, E., Pilarczyk, J.E., Brill, D., in press.  Preface to Marine Geology Special Issue: Geological Records of Extreme Wave Events.  Marine Geology. DOI, 10.1016/j.margeo.2017.11.006 
  • Soria, J.L.A., Switzer, A.D., Pilarczyk, J.E., Tang, H., Weiss, R., Siringan, F., Manglicmot, M., Gallentes, A., Lau, A.Y., Lin, A.C.Y., Ling, T.K.W., in press.  Surf beat-induced overwash during Typhoon Haiyan deposited two distinct sediment assemblages on the carbonate coast of Hernani, Samar, central Philippines.  Marine Geology. DOI, 10.1016/j.margeo.2017.08.016
  • Blancher, E., Park, R., Clough, J., Milroy, S., Graham, W., Rakocinski, C., Hendon, R., Wiggert, J., and Leaf, R.  2017.  Establishing Nearshore Marine Secondary Productivity Baseline Estimates for Multiple Habitats in Coastal Mississippi and Alabama Using AQUATOX 3.1 NME for use in the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment.  Ecological Modeling 359, 49-68. 
  • Clough, J., Blancher, E., Park, R., Milroy, S., Graham, W., Rakocinski, C., Hendon, R., Wiggert, J., Leaf, R., Beiser, M., Harrell, R., and Wyatt, M.  2017.  Establishing Nearshore Marine Injuries for the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Using AQUATOX.  Ecological Modeling 359, 258-268.
  • de Mutsert, K., Lewis, K., Milroy, S., Buszowksi, J., and Steenbeek, J.  2017.  Using Ecosystem Modeling to Evaluate Trade-offs in Coastal Management: Effects of Large-scale River Diversions on Fish and Fisheries.  Ecological Modeling 360, 14-26.
  • Shiller, A.M., E.W. Chan, DJ. Joung, M.C. Redmond, and J.D. Kessler, 2017. Light rare earth element depletion during Deepwater Horizon blowout methanotrophy. Scientific Reports 7, 10389.

*Bold indicates author from the Division of Marine Science