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The University of Southern Mississippi Division of Marine Science is administered by the College of Science and Technology under the direction of Dean David Hayhurst.


Division Chair

Dr. William (Monty) Graham


Senior Office Support Specialist

Linda DownsLinda Downs
Linda Downs is the Senior Office Support Specialist. She assists with graduate admissions, recruitment activities, student registration, class scheduling, academic student issues, and division information requests. She also handles alumni issues for the division.

Division of Marine Science
USM Building 1020, Room 116
Tel: 228-688-7097 
fax: 228-688-1121



Allison K Mojzis

Allison K MojzisAllison K Mojzis is the Facilities Manager for the division and handles division compliance issues.

She is a member of a variety of NASA and USM facility programs: NASA Environmental (recycling, waste management, HAZMAT), NASA Health Physics (radiation safety), SSC Emergency Council (for emergency preparedness during hurricane season), and USM/DMS Chemical Inventory. Please contact her for further information. Also see Allie regarding small appliance permits and maintenance issues in building 1022. 


Division of Marine Science
USM Building 1029
Tel: 228-688-3504
fax: 228-688-1121