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Every member of the DMS faculty, staff and students has a personal desktop or laptop computer that is designated for their individual use. A number of general use printers are distributed around the department (see below). For larger jobs (e.g., posters) there is a HP DesignJet 1055CM Large Format Color Printer. In the printer corral in the northeast corner of Bldg. 1020 there is also an Epson Perfection Flatbed Scanner. General use printers around the department are listed below, along with the identifier string that will appear when printer drivers are set up on the departmental computers.


Building 1020:

HP 4200 B&W LaserJet (1020_NE_HP_LJ_4200)

Canon ImageRunner 5050 (1020_122_Canon_iR5050)

Ricoh C411DN Color Laser Printer (1020_122_Ricoh_Aficio_SP_C411)

Ricoh C430DN Color Laser Printer (1020_NE_Ricoh_Aficio_SP_C430DN)


Building 1022:

HP 4100 B&W LaserJet (1022_114_ HP_LJ_4100)


Building 1029:

HP 4200 B&W LaserJet (1029_107_HP_LJ_4200)


Building 1210:

HP 4350 B&W LaserJet (1210_HP_LJ_4350)


When using the DMS printing services, please follow these etiquette guidelines to ensure that access to these resources is maintained for all members of the department.


Below portion on printing etiquette should be a separate webpage that is accessed via a link to the text highlighted above in red.

Printing Etiquette

The DMS printers are a community resource. With a few simple measures, we can keep printing costs down and maintain ready access to all devices. Further info follow link here.

  1. Double-sided printing: All general use printers have duplexers and it is expected that all multi-page print jobs utilize double-sided printing, which is both economically and environmentally friendly, unless there is a specific need that precludes use of this setting.

  2. Follow-up your print jobs: It is important that when you submit a job to a printer that you retrieve your output. If your job does not appear in the output, you should:

    1. Check the print queue to determine its status. Do not assume that re-submitting your job is the solution; this is more likely to exacerbate the problem.

    2. Ascertain whether there is a job preceding yours and check whether it is processing correctly. For Window’s users, the printers and faxes dialogue box will show the print queue. If a job preceding yours is not processing correctly, contact the job’s owner and get them to clear up the issue.

    3. If this does not resolve your problem, either Chrissy or Jamie should be consulted.

    4. Never leave jobs hanging in the print queues, particularly going into the weekend. A jammed print queue is a major inconvenience for those working at off hours when technical support is unavailable.

  3. Printer Servicing

    1. Please refill paper trays as needed.

    2. Do not refill toner cartridges in any of the printers or change paper rolls/ink in the HP 1055 plotter. For these maintenance tasks, please contact Chrissy, Jamie or Linda.


Acceptable Use Policy

Appropriate utilization of our computing resources is defined in the USM Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy ( This policy governs usage of the computer systems at all USM campuses.


Student Computers

On University-owned student computers, a standard suite of software applications is provided. For those with specialized needs, applications such as Matlab, IDL/ENVI, HYPACK or SEADAS may be obtained with supervisor approval.


Below portion on standard software should be a separate webpage that is accessed via a link to the text highlighted above in red.

Standard Software Installed on University-owned student computers is as follows:

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2010

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

Mozilla Firefox - Web browser

Adobe Flash Player - Browser plugin to support some multimedia content

Mozilla Thunderbird – Mail Client

Acrobat Reader - PDF file reader

FileZilla - File transfer client (FTP)

7-Zip – File compression software

PDF Creator - Print to a PDF file

IrfanView - Image viewer

Java VM

Gimp - Image Editor

JustBasic - Windows version of QBasic

Active State Perl - Windows version of Perl

SSH Secure Shell Client - Secure terminal client and secure file transfer

NX Client


Stennis Linux APPlication Server (SLAPP)

The SLAPP is a Linux server that is available to any member of the department upon request. It has been developed as a resource for processing, visualizing and analyzing larger data sets and sharing of software tool development among project groups. A number of software packages and programming capabilities are installed. Users can access the SLAPP through a terminal from their personal machines using SSH protocols. NX Client can be used when there is a need for access through a GUI environment is preferred. Account requests should be made to Jamie Davis (


Below portion on software packages and programming capabilities should be a separate webpage that is accessed via a link to the text highlighted above in red.

Software Packages/Programming Languages Currently Installed on the SLAPP:







Intel Compiler Suite (Fortran 90/95 and C/C++)




Available Software Titles

In addition to the software commonly installed on DMS machines, many additional software titles can be acquired. The iTech site has links to site-licensed titles (i.e., free) and academically priced titles available to students and faculty/staff.


For further information on free titles available to Students, Faculty and Staff, as well as information on academic pricing see:


To order or enquire about the availability and pricing of specific software packages, contact a procurement specialist at:


Video Conferencing Capabilities

A high definition Cisco TelePresence USB Camera (720p, 30 fps) with built-in microphone is available for use.

This device supports vivid face-to-face communication, providing crystal-clear HD and superior audio to/from any computer that is connected to the USM network.

Chrissy LeGaux ( should be consulted regarding setup and usage.


DMS Electronic Vehicle Log System (EVLS)

This is a self-service web-based system for reserving classrooms and signing up for use of departmental boats or vehicles. Links to the two reservation systems can be accessed here (only from within the USM-Stennis network): (for boats and vehicles--Note for boat reservations a float plan must be submitted)


All members of the department can view the classroom schedule and determine whether a room is available for scheduling an activity. If they need to make a classroom reservation, students should consult with Linda Downs (


Wireless Connectivity

All DMS buildings on the Stennis campus have full wireless capability through the USM wireless networks, making the internet and departmental printing resources universally accessible for all wireless-enabled computers.



Wireless access for up to three wireless devices is freely provided. In order to connect, the MAC address of the wireless device must be registered. Registering the MAC address with iTech can be accomplished on SOAR under Self_Service/USM-Self_Service.


Instructions on connecting to the USM Faculty/Staff wireless network, including how to identify the MAC address, can be found here:


Faculty/Staff with more than 3 devices:

Contact the Helpdesk at with the MAC address and USM Property number for each device, and with the Employee ID of the primary contact (must be a faculty or staff member) for the devices. This will mean that if that contact leaves the university the MAC addresses will need to be reregistered under a new contact.


Students with personal equipment:

Instructions on connecting to the USM Student wireless network can be found here:



Maintenance Request Procedures

For student machines, installation of specialized software and maintenance/repair of hardware must be handled by a representative of USM’s Information Technology (iTech) group. Chrissy LeGaux ( is the onsite iTech technician. While it is convenient to drop by and request Chrissy’s assistance with technology needs, there is a formal pathway for submitting a work order to iTech that should be followed and which is beneficial for reinforcing our need for an onsite iTech presence.


Work order requests can be submitted via phone by calling the iTech Helpdesk (601- 266-4357). For faculty and staff, work orders can be submitted online ( All work orders should generate an email confirmation; if this does not appear, follow up by directly calling the Helpdesk to ensure that your work request has been logged.


NOTE: Students cannot submit work requests through the online portal.


Useful iTech Links

MAC address:

For guidance on identifying the MAC address for devices that you would like to use to access the USM wireless networks, follow the links provided on the Faculty/Staff Wireless page:

Eagle Alert Enrollment – Campus Emergency Notification System


Listserv Request


Online Request:


Maintenance Request/Work Order


Password Management


VPN for Faculty/Staff


Workstation Backup

This service is available on an opt-in basis to all Faculty and Staff on USM-tagged computers. Up to 5 GB of storage can be used at no charge. Above that limit, charges may be incurred in the future.


For further details:


To fill in the request form for this service: