Seminar Series

The Division of Marine Science Seminar Series is held on Fridays at 11am in Room 101 of the George Knauer Building (Bldg 1022) at Stennis Space Center, unless otherwise noted. Please contact Jessica Browder for direction's or to request a visitor's badge at 228-688-3177 or

The Division of Marine Science
Fall 2016 Seminar Series


Fall 2016 Seminar Series (PDF)



Friday, August 26
Tim Osborne: Regional Navigation Manager, NAOO-NOS: Office of Coast Survey
The Changing Coast and Gulf: The Needs and Means to Move Forward to Observe and Utilize Our Coastal, Nearshore and Offshore Environment 


Friday, September 02
Ioannis Georgiou: Department of Earth and Envirionmental Sciences, University of New Orleans
Interactions between Backbarrier Marshes, Tidal Inlets, Ebb-deltas, and Adjacent Barriers Exposed to Rising Sea Levels: Observations and Modeling

Friday, September 09
Helmut Portmann: National Buoy Center, NOAA
NDBC-Saving Lives by Supporting Prediciton, Forecast and Warnings for Natural Hazards

Friday, Septermber 16
Eileen Hofmann: Center for Coastal Physical Oceaonography, Old Dominion University
Effect of Internal Waves on Near Surface Chlorophyll Concentration and Primary Production in the Proximity of Nazare Canyon

Friday, September 23
Jeffrey Krause: Dauphin Island Sea Lab, University of Southern Alabama 
Global Ocean Observing - An Australian Perspective


Friday, October 07
Laurie Jugan: Mississippi Enterprise for Technology
Stennis Career Opportunities

Friday, October 14
Mark Benfield: College of the Coast & Environment, Lousiana State University
Using in situ Optics to Study Zooplankton: Developments and Opporunities


Friday, November 4
Alison Deary: Division of Coastal Sciences , The University of Southern Mississippi
Ecomorphology as an Interdisciplinary Tool to Study Foraging Patterns in Early Life History Stage

Friday, November 11
Alexander Yankovsky: Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of South Carolina
Scattering of a Semidiurnal Baratropic Kelvin Wave into Internal Waves over Wide Continental Shelves


Friday, December 02
Alexis Lugo-Fernandez: Environmental Studies Section , Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Kinematic Metrics of the Loop Current

Friday, December 09
Mark Puckett: Department of Geography & Geology , University of Southern Mississippi
Plate Tectonics and Evolution: Ostracodes and the Breakup of Pangea