Seminar Series

Division of Marine Science Seminar Series


Seminar Schedule:

  • When:  Fridays at 11am
  • Where: SSC Room 101, George Knauer (Bldg 1022)


  • Friday, August 18
    Sarah Epps and Adam Boyette: Division of Marine Science | University of Southern Mississippi
    Microplankton trophic dynamics within plankton thin layers in the northern Gulf of Mexico (Boyette) & Uncertainty Issues Related to Optical Profiling Sensors at USM DMS (Epps)
  • Friday, August 25
    Gero Nootz: Division of Marine Science | University of Southern Mississippi
    Optical Turbulence in the Ocean


  • Friday, September 8
    Brooke Jones: Division of Marine Science | University of Southern Mississippi
    Spatial and temporal scenarios of VIIRS ocean color anomalies in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Friday, September 15
    Claire McKinley: Department of Oceanography | Texas A&M University
    Reconstructing the Paleogene Mode of Ocean Circulation in the Pacific Using Neodymium Isotopes
  • Friday, September 22
    Marc Slattery: Department of BioMolecular Sciences | University of Mississippi
    Title TBA


  • Friday, October 6

    Ehab Meselhe: The Water Institute of the Gulf
    Biophysical Analysis of a Proposed Network of Sediment Diversions

  • Friday, October 27

    Mike Stukel: Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science | Florida State University
    Title TBA


  • Friday, November 3

    Bob Anderson: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory | Columbia University
    Deep-sea oxygen depletion and ocean carbon storage during the last ice age

  • Friday, November 10

    Robert Weiss: Department of Geosciences | Virginia Tech
    Title TBA

  • Friday, November 17

    Eduard Reinhardt: School Of Geography & Earth Sciences | McMaster University
    Title TBA


  • Friday, December 1

    Jun-Hong Liang: Department of Oceanogrpahy and Coastal Sciences | Louisiana State University
    Lagrangian study of ocean tracers in surface boundary layer turbulence using large eddy simulation