2012 Integration Bee

The department held its first-ever Integration Bee on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. The winners were

  • Abbie Desselle (1st place)
  • Kinsey-Ann Zarske (2nd place)
  • Thomas Abercrombie (3rd place)

Congratulations to all three!

In an integration bee, students try to solve integrals in order to proceed to the next round. Some integrals are routine textbook problems; some are tricky; others, downright wicked. The first round is multiple-choice, but tricky questions and the option of "None of the above" can make it devilishly difficult!

Our integration bee is inspired by the one held annually by the Louisiana/Mississippi Section of the Mathematical Association of America. We adapted it with our own variations, including bizarre bonus questions.

image of a strange integral
Can you explain this integral?
Using the definition as a Riemann Sum?