Department hosts 2013 meeting of the LA/MS Section of the MAA

On the weekend of February 28th, the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southern Mississippi hosted the 90th meeting of the Louisiana/Mississippi Section of the Mathematical Association of America. Dr. Tim Chartier of Davidson College gave the keynote talk, titled Putting a Spring in Yoda's Step, while Dr. Robert Devaney of Boston University gave the annual R. D. Anderson banquet lecture, titled The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set. Nearly 200 mathematicians and students from all over the Southeast attended.

 Image from Dr. Chartier's talk

The Department of Mathematics sends several students to one or two MAA meetings every year; as we hosted this year's meeting, over twenty students registered and participated. Aside from talks, the local MAA Section includes activities such as an integration bee, a student team competition, and student paper competitions. Undergraduate student participants in these activities included Samuel Dent and Kinsey Zarske (pictured below with Anderson Lecturer Dr. Devaney, interim chair Dr. Lee, and graduate student Anup Lamichhane) as well as Thomas Abercrombie, Catherine Caldwell, Abbie Desselle, Jaci King, and John Wetzel.

image of students with banquet speaker

The image may look like it has a typo, but it actually describes a property of the bulbs of the Mandelbrot set. The subsequent slide contained a stern warning:

FBI warns against addition of fractions

Details on the meeting's events are available in the program.