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Administrative Staff

  • Bernd Schroeder, Professor and Chair
    Office: Southern Hall 319B, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4289, email: bernd.schroeder@usm.edu
    discrete mathematics
  • Lisa Mims, Administrative Assistant
    Office: Southern Hall 319D, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4289, email: l.mims@usm.edu
  • Jennifer Jones, Office Manager
    Office: Gulf Coast Campus, Science Building 209A, Phone: 225·865·4507 


  • Mary Bullock, Instructor
    Office: Math Zone, Phone: 601⋅266⋅5613, email: mary.bullock@usm.edu
  • CS Chen, Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 308, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4290, email: cs.chen@usm.edu
    radial basis functions, meshless methods, numerical PDEs
  • Thir Dangal, Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 317D, Phone: 601-266-5058, email: Thir.Dangal@usm.edu
  • Jiu Ding, Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 312, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4291, email: jiu.ding@usm.edu
    computational Ergodic theory, optimization, linear algebra, perturbation theory
  • John Harris, Associate Professor
    Office: Elizabeth Hall 220, Phone: 228⋅214⋅3293, email: john.m.harris@usm.edu
    knot-theoretical algebraic topology
  • Susan Howell, Instructor
    Office: Southern Hall 203, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4304, email: susan.howell@usm.edu
  • Karen Kohl, Assistant Professor
    Office: Elizabeth Hall 213, Phone: 228⋅214⋅3329, email: karen.kohl@usm.edu
    symbolic integration
  • James Lambers, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
    Office: Southern Hall 301A, Phone: 601⋅266⋅5784, email: james.lambers@usm.edu
    numerical methods for PDEs, numerical linear algebra
  • Kalyn Lamey, Instructor
    Office: Elizabeth Hall 218, Gulf Port, Phone: 228-214-3337, email: kalyn.lamey@usm.edu
  • Sungwook Lee, Associate Professor
    Office:  Southern Hall 306, Phone: 601·266·4299, email: sunglee@usm.edu
    applied mathematics (theoretical physics)
  • Marlene Naquin, Gulf Coast Math Lab Coordinator, University Supervisor (Secondary Math Licensure)
    Office: Elizabeth Hall 216, Phone: 228⋅214⋅3298, email: marlene.naquin@usm.edu
  • John Perry, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director
    Office: Southern Hall 317C, Phone: 601⋅266⋅5505, email: john.perry@usm.edu
    algebra, linear algebra, computational algebra
  • Mary Peters, Instructor, Student Teacher Supervisor
    Office: Southern Hall 210B, Phone: 601-266-6657, email: mary.peters@usm.edu
  • Susan Ross, Assistant Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 204, Phone: 601⋅266⋅6257, email: susan.ross@usm.edu
    mathematics education
  • Emileigh Sones, Instructor, Math Zone Director
    Office: Math Zone 103C, Phone: 601-266-5831, email: Emileigh.Sones@usm.edu
  • Corwin Stanford, Instructor, Service Course Coordinator
    Office: Math Zone 103, Phone: 601-266-5768, email: Corwin.Stanford@usm.edu 
  • Haiyan Tian, Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 316, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4292, email: haiyan.tian@usm.edu
    partial differential equations
  • Tulsi Upadhyay, Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 314, Phone: 601-266-4300, email: Tulsi.Upadhyay@usm.edu
  • Anna Wan, Assistant Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 201A, Phone: 601-266-4303, email: Anna.Wan@usm.edu
  • Zhifu Xie, Professor, Wright W. and Annie Rea Cross Endowed Chair in Mathematics and Undergraduate Research
    Office: Southern Hall 310, Phone: 601-266-4293, email: Zhifu.Xie@usm.edu
    n-body problems, undergraduate research
  • Huiqing Zhu, Assistant Professor
    Office: Southern Hall 307, Phone: 601⋅266⋅4297, email: huiqing.zhu@usm.edu
    numerical methods for PDEs, numerical analysis

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